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What advantages do roof coatings present

Flat roofing coatings servicesservice

For this writer for sure roof coatings are a great product when repairing or preserving low slope or flat roofing systems.

The advantages are many and they are in a class of environmentally sustainable roofing products that are primarily used on flat or low sloping existing roofing systems that are already in place.

The goal is to sustain the existing roof to the furthest point in the future and if this can be done done effectively then it will pay big dividends to a property owner in other words the proper application of roof coatings saves money.

Nobody wants to spend money on a roof and usually it is being forced upon them as a result of failure of the roofing system to keep out moisture as the roof begins to leak at that point it is time to take action this is a typical scene encountered by this writer.

Some considerations regarding the environmental side of the use utilizing roof coatings .

First they can be used for any structure that has a flat or low slope roof system in place, and there are so many of these types of structures be they commercial buildings or a small or large roof on a residential homes.

The immediate benefit to the environment is a roof does not need to be removed as frequently and in some cases if the use of roof coatings is approached correctly there can be an extension of a roof system indefinitely and literally it is possible the roof can last the span of a human lifespan this is totally achievable provided there is a proactive approach to preserving the roof and a little investment over time as nothing is for free.

Comparing apples to oranges saving money is probable when incorporating into a solution the use of roof coatings.

The best benefit is the reduction of the waste removal with respect to getting rid of roofing materials from the old roof that is to be replaced and we are talking big money plus large volumes of waste being added to the landfills most roof replacements produce as much as a ton or more of mixed waste and that is just residential these amounts can skyrocket when replacing a commercial buildings roofing system.

Now for the really impressive aspect of utilizing this type of liquid roofing system, they are seamless when properly applied and at the right rate of coverage. Every other type of roof system has a seam or joint or section that attaches to another section so the chances for failure over time are everywhere.

Proper installation of a roof coatings system on existing roofing results in a refurbished old roofing system, turns it into with all those seams and attachment points, a monolithic seamless membrane on the roof coverings surface that is devoid of entry points for water intrusion to penetrate now that is truly an impressive reason to use roof coatings.

Another quality and benefit with proper selection is the ability to reflect heat off the top of a building when using white roof coatings thus contributing to lower energy costs for cooling an interior space here in north east Florida our summer season is very long as it is in all of Florida and air conditioning a building is a major expense as everyone who pays an electric bill knows first hand it really smarts when writing that check.

So the to biggies are besides waterproofing surfaces is a reduction of landfill waste and electricity used to cool the interior of a building, but there are more benefits for the use of roof coatings Jacksonville, and one of them is the lack of disruption of normal activities around a building during the installation process can be possibly be avoided.

When a roof is being removed and replaced there is a lot of action around a property during the process. Workers coming and going large supplier trucks, dumpsters taking up space the noise from all the work being performed above, trash around the edges of the roof on the grounds and just general distractions that can drive people crazy for a while until completion.

To be fair roofing coatings are not an option for every single roofing issue and there are more than enough circumstances when roof replacement is the only option there is and one must just have to grin and bear it both financially and mentally.

Why not explore some of the many benefits that can be had by contacting a qualified roofing expert take a look the next time the subject is front and center to see if the roofing system would be a good candidate for the use of roof coatings.

Roof coatings what types are best

There are roof coatings that some readers might encounter when they make a trip to the local Home improvement store.

There is a wide enough range of products there to familiarize one’s self with. Some are acrylic, asphalt, aluminum, or fibered coatings with a variety of variables making up their composition most of these types of roof coatings are inferior but some can be useful and can work well just be sure they are not installed on the wrong type of roofing system and if there is lots of curing time for the coating to dry it may get washed off in the next rain.

Moisture is the enemy for installers of roof top waterproofing products things have to be dry for specific periods of time for them to work.

James Neill has installed them in winter/ spring, fall/ summer to all manner of structures and surfaces be it metal/mob/build up/rubber/tar roofing systems, even stucco walls.

James Neill over the course of many years through trial and error has learned what works best and which application should be used based on each individual situation. Choosing the right roof coatings has been a process of elimination to say the least.

There are also many asphalt or oil based types of products out there as well and they are not especially considered green but they have their place, be aware using these on a roof that is not suitable for them as their use can destroy the existing roofing system at least in the area it is applied and lead to a big repair or replacement bill.

Thus it would be wise to contact a professional who knows what types of roofing systems to install any given type of roof coatings and there are a bunch of them with a wide range performance claims.

For this writer there is not much at the local home

improvement store that works for waterproofing a roof surface with the use of  a roof coatings system.

Quality roof coatings do exist but are only available through specialty suppliers of these types of products or online.

Get ready for sticker shock as roof coatings are quite pricey and run anywhere from $55-$125 a gallon, yes a gallon so if there is a need for a large quantity this can really add up. Even with their inherent high costs utilizing the right roof coatings is still usually much less expensive than replacing the roof by as much as 35-40 percent depending on the application and in roofing business that 35-40 percent means saving thousands, yeah that’s right thousands.

By far the best is 100% silicone based roof coatings. Their ease of use and waterproofing capabilities and drying time are superior to any other in the opinion of James Neill the owner of James Neill roofing & waterproofing inc in Jacksonville Florida he has been installing silicone roof coatings for more than eight years with great results.

It took him a while to find the right brand and some money was wasted trying others, but he prefers silicone exclusively and knows the best techniques and products to install for durable results that hold up under water using this class of roof coatings.

Steps to using roof coatings

Alright then, it has been determined that the roof system is a great candidate for a roof coatings system and the prospect of saving all that money by not needing to replace that roof after all, well that is really exciting is it not. sends goose bumps up the back of the neck, ready to roll.

Not so fast, this is when it may be best begin some tutorials on how to if planning a DIY project or consider hiring a professional to take care of the installation as there are some steps to take before installing that liquid gold up there on the roof that will lead to that affordable hassle free roof solution.

Now a building or homeowner can do the installation of roof coatings, as long as they are comfortable on top of a roof climbing a ladder to get there and then knowing all the how to steps, and have the time and patience, for sure it is doable for a novice to effectively install roof coatings.

To start with the roof is a very dirty place, after all it’s outside exposed to everything imaginable so it is quite the filthy place and needs prep before installing the precious liquid roof coating that cost $300 for 5 gallons, put this stuff down on a dirty surface my as well take $300 and light a match to it.

Adhesion is the key to applying roof coatings it has to stick to the surface of the roof to work, this requires the proper rate of coverage (uniform thickness) by the installer to be effective. This especially true when working with bright white coatings they can cause white out effect on a persons vision and may not get spread out evenly or splotchy, another good reason for contracting someone to install them.

Next and he roofing system can not be wet or dirty and proper Ph balance of the roof system covering a building must be obtained before installing any roof coatings system.

A typical first step to prep the roof is that it should be cleaned by a roof cleaning service as most folks are not going to take their pressure washing machine on the roof due to the intense vibration it causes and the bulk of the machine dragging up a ladder to get it there. Roof cleaning services have the equipment and enough line that they just pull their hoses off a spool onto the roof and go to town. Examples of contaminants to remove are fungus, dirt, acids, oils, and a variety of other elements must be cleaned off before installation of roof coatings takes place.

So the prep has been completed the holes and cracks, voids, rips and gaps have been sealed and repaired with the correct materials prior to installing the roof coatings chosen, oh sorry forgot to mention that step.

Yes, repairing any defects on the surface of the roof covering should be completed before installing any roof coatings as proper rate of coverage in damaged or worn area’s may not be achieved and weaken the rest of the coating system once installed by allowing water intrusion under the coating. With liquid roof coatings a seamless roof membrane is the result when (cured) dried and uniformity is key.

A roofing professional will know where and what to repair prior to installing the roof coatings.

Since most roof coating systems come with limited warranties it is highly important to do things correctly should there ever be a failure and claim be filed with company selling the coating.

That is why hiring a roof coatings expert takes out the guess work, the job of the installer is to know these types of details so once the roof coatings are installed it will be a hassle free roof for years and years to come and withstand the scrutiny of a warranty claim.

Hopefully after reading this it is clear that installing roof coatings is not just a matter of painting the surface of the roof with an expensive liquid and now reap the savings, no to the contrary as with all types of roofing there is a process and for optimal results the proper methods of installation must be adhered to for long term success using roof coatings.

James Neill is a local contractor based in Jacksonville Florida he is seasoned, and a roofing professional with over 30 plus years in the roofing industry installing and repairing roofing systems. James recommends to building owners liquid roofing products whenever encountering a roofing system that could have the useful lifespan extended or waterproofed to stop moisture intrusion by the use of roof coatings.

James Neill roofing & waterproofing specializes in the installation of roof coatings and knows what type to use for any roofing related water intrusion or maintenance issue on any commercial or residential building that may be solved by the proper application of a quality roof coatings system.

He will inspect the roof once requested and determine if it will qualify to be coated as not all can be preserved or fixed using roof coatings.

Contact James directly at 904.221.5981 if interested in finding out if this will be a good solution for solving any specific roofing problems with the utilization of roof coatings.

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