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How to build a gazebo

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This article is about how to build a gazebo. Building a square gazebo is easy if you use the right plans, techniques and materials. If you have a large garden and you like to spend your time with your family and friends, a gazebo is perfect for your needs. Just imagine yourself in a beautiful and easy to build gazebo, while watching your kids playing on the grass. In addition, a gazebo is a great place to prepare the food and take dinner with you family. A square gazebo is also a wonderful place to read books during the hot summer days, as the roof will protected you against the sun rays.

You should plan and design the outdoor gazebo as to satisfy both your needs and tastes. Therefore,

you should decide its dimensions and whether you want to add a bathtub, a deck or a barbeque, to make it suit your needs. The options are virtually unlimited, that is why we recommend you to take your time when planing its size and features. Nevertheless, you should remember that each extra-feature implies additional expenses, therefore you have to keep a balance between the benefits and costs.

Choosing the right design for your gazebo is a tough decision, as there are many potential alternatives: on one hand, you can build an eight-sided gazebo, a rectangular construction or a simple to build square gazebo. In this step by step article we will show you how to build your own gazebo in a couple of weekends, while keeping the costs under control. Building a gazebo is a straight forward procedure, provided you known several basic woodworking techniques.

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