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Reinvigorated 'right to buy' scheme will give 1.3m housing association tenants the chance to snap up homes at big discounts





A new Housing Bill will give 1.3million housing association tenants the right to buy their homes while requiring councils to sell off high-value properties and invest the proceeds into building affordable ones, the government has announced.

The government said the measures, announced in the Queen's Speech to Parliament today, would prevent Britain becoming a 'two-speed country' where only some could afford to buy a property.

Also at the heart of the first Conservative-only Queen's Speech in almost two decades were measures to ban rises in income tax, VAT and National Insurance in the

next five years.

More homes: The Government believes giving housing association tenants the chance to buy their homes would help to create more properties being built

Prime minister David Cameron said the 'One Nation' package was a 'clear programme for working people, social justice and bringing our country together', which would also help deliver full employment, increase free childcare and create a 'truly seven-day NHS'.

Setting out the Government's legislative plans, the agenda of 26 bills - plus one in draft form - aims to enact many of the promises made by the Tories during the general election campaign.

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