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How to buy a golf course

how to buy a golf course

Use These Secrets. Formerly Only Known By the Top Golfers, To Consistently Hit Longer, More Accurate Shots in only 15 Minutes a DAY, Guaranteed!

From: Jack Moorehouse, Former "Average Joe" Turned Swing Whisperer

Dear Frustrated Golfer,

I have some important questions for you. Think carefully as you answer.

  • Have you ever had a round of golf where you were absolutely coasting along, on-pace to set a new personal best. and then just as suddenly shanked one shot. couldn't recover, and became completely unglued?
  • Do you ever feel like the other golfers you play with continue to get better, while you're "stuck in neutral," unable to improve your score or shave off strokes?
  • Do you ever secretly fear that the next time you tee up a ball, you'll hit a dead slice or hook (or worse) top it for a "grounder" that doesn't make it past the ladies tees?
  • Do you ever worry that you'll never be able to hit a golf ball as far, straight, or consistent as you'd like to be able to?
  • Do you wonder if your buddies are secretly making fun of your game behind your back?
  • Are you ever frustrated by how one bad hole can leave you angry and frustrated for the rest of the day (and beyond), leading you to curse the game and even swear to give it up for good?

    If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then I have some important news for you.

    That news is this:

    You are NOT alone.

    In fact, that list of questions was created from talking to literally thousands of other golfers, just like you. who struggle with the exact same problems on the course, time and time again.

    It's frustrating, isn't it? When you take your backswing and know, in the back of your mind, that you're about to mishit another shot.

    . that if you can even find your ball, you'll already be playing from behind. and have to hit an aggressive, miraculous shot just to save double-bogey?

    To feel absolutely powerless to improve your game and consistently play excellent rounds of golf shooting 80. or lower?

    Think About It: How Many Rounds Have You Played Where.

    . You find yourself lost in the woods (quite literally, sometimes).

    . going through balls by the boxful.

    . taking wild swings and slicing or hooking the ball off to the side.

    . lost in the woods (quite literally, sometimes).

    . 3 and 4-putting to the point where you want to throw your club (we won't tell anyone about that one time the club "slipped" out of your hands).

    . or otherwise trotting out to the course with your buddies, just chasing that feeling of hitting the ball perfectly one time every few rounds?

    What's worse is that no one has taken the time to take the blindfold off of you and point you remotely close to the right direction.

    I mean, hey, it's not your fault. Golf is an incredibly difficult game, even for pro golfers who practice relentlessly.

    It's not your fault that you're approaching the game from the wrong mindset. No one has told you that it's possible to shave up to double-digit strokes off your game with a minimal investment of time and practice.

    . if you only knew what to do.

    How a Hack Golfer Became a Swing Doctor Capable of Turning "Joe Duffer" into "The King of the Course"

    Believe it or not, I used to be the same way; a weekend golfer who piddled around whenever I could.

    Every couple of weeks, I'd try to get out to the course to play eighteen with my buddies.

    . and every couple of weeks, I'd come back frustrated.

    You see, as I got older, a little something called "life" started to get in the way of my golf game.

    I got a job in the tech industry. got married. had a family.

    Each one of these steps along the path has helped lead me to a richer, more fulfilling life.

    Everywhere except the golf course, that is. As I got my life in order, I threw my bag in a dusty old corner of the garage.

    . it sat there for 3 1/2 YEARS before I got a chance to play again.

    All the while, I secretly wished for a way to "have it all," to be able to do my job, spend time with my loved ones, AND enjoy the occasional round of golf.

    Finally, one day, a buddy of mine invited me to a member/guest tournament at his country club. Honestly, I thought it would be a good way to get back on the course, and maybe make some good business contacts in the process.

    Unfortunately, the only "contacts" I made were when I nearly split my club in two over my knee with anger.

    I put up more 7s, 8s, and 9s than an Olympic gymnastics judge!

    I was embarrassed, not just for myself, but for my buddy, too. After all, he was the one who would have to show up at the club and hear his pals joke about "that guy" he had brought to the tournament that one year.

    And these people at this country club included some pretty big names in local businesses, people who could potentially help me out in my career.

    . or sink it faster than you could say "Titanic."

    Even though everyone was polite enough to say all of the "right things" to my face, I could hear them mocking and laughing at me behind my back.

    It was enough to almost make me quit the game for good.

    The Hole That SAVED My Golfing Life

    To make matters worse, despite all of the frustration.

    Despite the twin cases of the shanks and the yips that I came down with simultaneously.

    Despite the awful, topped irons and chunked wedges I hit.

    There was one hole that awakened the hunger in me.

    And made me crave success on the golf course.

    It was the 16th Hole.

    I remember it like it was yesterday; a long par four, dogleg right (I remember since I thought I'd still be okay if I sliced it horribly), with water behind the first bit of fairway.

    . and sand on either side of the green.

    It was a "1" handicap hole, and I had little hope going into it. I thought I'd be lucky to save "double par."

    But a funny thing happened on my way to visit the snowman.

    I hit my drive straight as an arrow, in perfect position in the middle of the fairway.

    My second shot was a long five iron that I somehow muscled onto the green, about twenty feet away.

    And though in hindsight I'm kicking myself, I was able to two-putt that hole for a shiny par.

    Despite how badly I'd played to that point, that hole completely re-ignited my passion for the game.

    Hitting the ball that purely, that sweetly, where I could barely even feel the ball come off the club.

    That's what hooked me.

    I realized if I could hit one shot like that, then I was capable of hitting a whole bunch of shots that purely.

    All I needed was some hard work and practice.

    Oh yeah, and the time to put in the practice!

    The BIG Problem That Nearly Made Me Quit FOR GOOD!

    There was only one problem, a problem that I'm sure you know all too well:

    I didn't have the extra time or money!

    I couldn't justify practicing hours upon hours after a long week of work, while my family waited at home, growing up without their dad.

    (Sound familiar?)

    Nor could I possibly hire an expensive swing coach that would've cost me thousands of dollars--money that I certainly couldn't spare back then, and wouldn't dream of spending now that I've uncovered the secret to unlocking the under-80 game within me consistently.

    But more on that in a minute.

    No, instead of fumbling around aimlessly with my game, not knowing where to start or where I needed to go, I needed something else.

    I needed a road map.

    I needed a system.

    I needed a step-by-step plan to get my game back on track, both mentally and physically.

    a system that wouldn't cost me double-digit hours a week or thousands of dollars.

    one that could help me fix my game and the way I approached it for good.

    A Swing Guru is Born

    I started devouring everything I could about the game in my free time. I started doing drills in my backyard religiously.

    And whenever possible, I'd pick the brain of pretty much anyone who was a lot better at golf than I was: scratch golfers, pros, you name it--I wanted all of their secrets so that I could see what worked for me, and what was snake oil.

    Slowly but surely, I started shaving shots off my score, keeping special note of what worked and what doesn't.

    I rediscovered the secrets of scratch golfers, and how to hit long, straight woods and irons, and make up strokes on the green.

    After a while of plugging away when I had fifteen minutes here, an hour there, I was right where I wanted to be:

    Consistently breaking 80.

    More incredibly, my friends started to take notice. They began asking me for tips and advice on their games, and I was more than happy to help them out.

    Can you imagine that? Your buddies asking you for swing tips? Becoming an authority on the game? A trusted swing-whisperer to your foursome?

    Imagine my surprise when my friends started dropping strokes a lot more quickly than I had!

    It just made me want to shoot higher, and learn even more about

    the game. I started reaching out to some of the best swing coaches and pros in the game.

    picking their brains.

    and learning their secrets, one-at-a-time.

    Before long, I was even more shocked when total strangers started asking me to help them out with their games!

    Within no time, I was a full-fledged "swing guru," helping friends and strangers alike have more fun playing the game, and achieve their goals.

    While it felt great to help others, I couldn't help but notice one glaring fact, staring me right in the face:

    A lot of my students were having the exact same problems with their games.

    It stood to reason that if that was the case, those same tips, tricks, and secrets I discovered could help thousands of other people improve their golf games to the point where they consistently break 80, as well!

    What started out as a pamphlet has grown in size and scope through the years to become a one-stop system to give you a solid foundation to correct the glaring flaws in your swing, and consistently hit those shots that send shivers down your spine.

    I call it How to Break 80. and Shoot Like the Pros!

    It's a complete system to help fix your approach to your game, and get you back on track so that you can start to see real, tangible improvement.

    and start melting strokes off the scorecard.

    A comprehensive guide packed full of pictures, drills, and diagrams so that you can quickly and easily implement these fixes into your game. and start seeing results right away!

    Don't believe me? Here are just a few tips, tricks, and secrets you'll discover:

    • A tried-and-tested method to improve your swing foundation. the source of your balance and power--you'll be amazed how quickly you start improving your consistency just by following these easy steps.
    • Simple and effective diagrams that show you exactly how to set up your grip, stance, balance, and other crucial aspects of your swing to break those bad habits that keep holding you back.
    • The Four "Swing Keys". the four-step system to remake your swing using methods customized to your own body and biomechanics, to ensure that you don't waste any more time with tips that work for some people, but not you.
    • The Three Sources of Power in your swing ; master these and start hitting tee shots that'll have your buddies whistling and congratulating you, time and time again.
    • The mind-blowing truth about aiming your shots that'll cure you of those shanked shots on par 3s--even when you could've sworn that you were pointed right at the hole.
    • How to develop a consistent pre-shot routine tailor-made for your game, to get you in the right mindset to start shaving strokes off your score.
    • Secrets from a PGA Pro on chipping more effectively-- use these to avoid skulling the ball across the green, or worse, tearing a chunk out of the ground while hitting the ball only a few inches.
    • A comprehensive checklist for bunker play to make formerly difficult shots downright "routine" (and what to do with those bunker shots that are REAL trouble).
    • The secret of how the surrounding terrain can impact your putts --few know it, but once you do, you'll be kicking yourself for all of those head-scratchers you hit on the green that seem like they should break one way, but actually take off like a rocket in the other direction
    • The simple and fun game you can play on the putting green to start making those crucial 30-footers that are just so frustrating!

    And those are just a small sample of the hundreds of secrets you'll discover when you buy How to Break 80.

    Can You Imagine it Now?

    You show up for your next round of golf with your friends a little early, just to do a couple of easy drills to prepare you for the round to come. You get on the first tee, and eagerly sink the tee into the soft ground

    Your buddies scratch their heads--who is this guy?

    You go through your routine effortlessly, setting up tall, straight, and brimming with confidence. You break out your new swing trigger, and launch the ball straight down the fairway.

    If you think your buddies' mouths would be hanging open with shock, imagine their surprise when you keep doing it. hole after hole.

    . Knocking shaped iron shots on the green.

    . Sinking putt-after-putt.

    . Making pars and birdies.

    And feeling like the king of the golf course!

    In fact, that's probably the best part about How to Break 80:

    Once I started to put all of these secrets together.

    . and once I got my game in order.

    . I felt like I absolutely owned the course--like I was in complete and utter control of my game, my attitude, and my emotions.

    It's a great feeling--returning home like a conquering hero round after round --knowing that you've fixed something flawed within you.

    . and are seen as "a good golfer" instead of "just another duffer" content to have a beer or two on a nice day outside.

    A Comprehensive System That Works

    Like I said earlier, I was just as shocked as anyone when my buddies started asking me for tips on their golf games.

    I was even more shocked when strangers started doing it.

    Aside from the fact that the same thing very well might happen to you after you've gained the knowledge from How to Break 80.

    It's a simple fact that the system has already helped 102,033 other golfers improve their golf game by a half-dozen to a dozen strokes or more!

    Here are just a few of them:

    It's always been a great honor and pleasure of mine to be able to do something that I love. while also being able to help over a hundred THOUSAND others throw away their flawed approach to the game.

    . help them stop spending thousands of dollars on ridiculous equipment and rounds without proper instruction.

    . help them realize the true potential within each and every person who picks up this book.

    . with only a few short minutes of practice every day, or a couple slightly longer sessions each week.

    And now I want to share all of this incredible information with you.

    A Small Investment of Time to Make a Big Difference in Your Game

    Now, I know what you're thinking:

    "I can't possibly have the time to practice a one-stop system like this. something that will start melting my scores and help me have a lot more fun on the golf course!"

    Believe me, I've been there: there are literally thousands, if not millions of products out there that over-promise huge results, before under-delivering in a big way.

    With all kinds of other things demanding our time and attention, like work and family, you think "I just don't have the time to completely remake my golf game to conquer the course."

    But think about it this way: all I'm asking is 15 minutes of your time, each day, on a few simple drills.

    15 minutes per day. on a system that took me years of trial-and-error.

    Years of working with some of the best coaches in the business.

    Years of honing the drills and techniques with my students to be able to customize them to any player's style.

    When you think of it that way, you're actually saving a lot of time now, aren't you?

    Time that can be spent with your friends and family.

    Time that can be used to get ahead at work.

    All while you boost your golf game to the next level and have more fun at it than you ever have before!

    Just as thousands of frustrated golfers (102,033, to be exact) just like you have before.

    For just half the time of your average sitcom every day, you could become the master of your game and the envy of your group of friends.

    "Well, when you put it that way. "

    Speaking of Worthwhile Investments.

    I've been just as disappointed as you in the past after spending hundreds of dollars on a new club or putter.

    . or some ridiculous contraption designed to eliminate my slice or add a few yards to my drive by contorting me into a position that a thirteenth-century torture chamber resident would find inhumane.

    Let's face it, a lot of golf expenses add up quickly. It's the only sport where we leave dozens of balls in the woods after any given round without a second thought.

    But what if you could stop losing those balls? What if you could consistently and reliably keep balls in play.

    . and guide them effortlessly down the course into the hole. time and time again.

    How much would that be worth to you? To fix your flawed approach to the game that no one has ever bothered to help you with?

    To obtain complete mastery over the course and impress your friends to the point that they start bragging about your game?

    Would you pay over $1,000 for that? Over $500?

    As I mentioned above, as golfers, sometimes we're so stubborn and clueless that we won't think twice about buying a new driver or putter for $300.

    . then nearly bust it over our knee after we still shank shots or miss putts with it?

    The honest truth is that this book actually does what all of that fancy equipment merely promises to do:

    How to Break 80 fundamentally fixes your game with specific drills tailored to your style of play. and easily applicable in only a few minutes per day.

    You can have this one-stop, proven system today for the one-time, discounted price of only:


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