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How to buy a hedgehog

how to buy a hedgehog


Best Answer:   hello im 16 and have 1 degu 2 axolotals and 2 hedgehogs i got my african pgmy 5 days ago my mum says she would not pay for nothing so i had to work hare to save3 but i do nnot regret it at all ow my first hog was a rescued hedgehog british i brought him up too tame to relese but i live in the uk

good points

with time and patence hedgehogs become VERY tame

you can feed them by hand

do not need a lot of time out of the cage just toys and a wheel the more eventive you are the happyer thay are

food is easy just good cat food ill get to that later

thay get along with other pets mine loves my dog and follows him around he just walks off and wants it to go lol

thay are active at night and in the evening so you csan see her/him after school and dinner

thay can be litter traind and traind to follow to you

despite many rumers thay are very east to hold id done right

bade points or things to take in to considration

that can be noisy not just on there wheels but diffrent sounds when forigin witch i think is cute

if not keept under controll there cages can

be very smelly most pepol change there cages every 3-5 days

cutting there nails and checking there teeth is a bloody night mare my vet gave up and told me i would to have to do it have you ever grabed a hedgehogs foot. i have IT HURTS lol

whaen you first get your hedgehog thay will try to poo on you just till thay get to no you i tap mine on the nose than she stabes me lol

food is offen expensive as well as the pet

you have to feed it insects i dont no if this grosses you out im fine as my fish eat worms ow live or dead even pinkeys i dont feed mine them because its gross

my hogs hat baths and most of the water ends up on me but you can exsersise hogs by swiming

if you wnat to convince your mum try to borrow a friends hog look after it show her you cdan also it would act as a taster for you of just write down all good points and lots of cute pics

if all this dosenot work and you havent got the mony theresa always your birthday dont no how you would wrap a hedgehog up though lol

what would you need.

cage at least 2 squear foot


somthing to put on the bottom

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