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Hedgies can be very stubborn about the foods they'll eat. It took months to get mine off the cat food (of questionable quality) diet they'd been raised on for the first year of their life before I knew any better. What the correct diet for hedgehogs actually is, continues to be a subject many claim to know best about, when the truth is, we are all still guessing what that is (to a point). Please understand that the diet I am about to present to you is just my own opinion, based on years of owning hedgehogs and studying what their habits are in the wild.

DINNER . Every night for dinner my hh's get minced cooked skinless, unseasoned chicken breast meat, always topped with a tiny-tiny amount of phos-free calcium to balance the calcium/phos ratio (very important). and occasionally I will substitute that with turkey, fish such as salmon, cod or flounder and or shrimp. On top of that I add a small amount of several varieties of chopped fresh, raw fruits and vegetables. I top this with a tiny, tiny pinch of Missing Link . (or) 1 drop of Essential Spectrum Max oil . a small pinch of pro-biotic enzymes and about 6 crickets each, and or beetles, and several pieces of dry pelleted food such a low fat Innova . About twice a week they will get a tiny bit of low fat or fat free cottage cheese.

BREAKFAST . In the morning, they get a few more pieces of Innova with 1 or 2 mealworms, and or sometimes additional crickets.

Spicket enjoying a meal of chicken, a variety of fruits and vegetables, crickets and Innova.

REMEMBER . Hedgehogs are insectivores and that tells us right there, that insects should be a major part of their diet, not just an occasional "treat". They are also known to eat small

baby birds, mice, lizards etc. if given the chance, thus the addition of poultry as another protein source. cannot quite bring myself to offer baby birds, mice and or small reptiles, sorry! We do also know that they do consume some vegetation, so I add that too. Some of the produce mine will eat is as follows:

Apples, bananas, peaches, carrots, sweet potatoes, radishes, turnips, melons, grapes, green peppers, cherries, green beans, dandelion greens, and asparagus. They love peas and corn, but neither one of those if very good for them due to the high phosphorous and sugar content. Asparagus is a good source of Vitamin B.


I buy my insects in bulk through Fluker Farms and or Rainbow . I then immediately throw them in the freezer and once frozen, I transfer them to an airtight container lined with paper towels. Every night I take out the desired amount, and let thaw a couple minutes and serve. They devour them just fine this way. they freeze well and this way there is no waste or smell. Mealworms freeze well too. I also keep a mealworm farm. its very small and I don't use it to breed more worms. Instead I wait till they pupate into beetles and feed them the beetles. It adds yet more variety to their diet and they love them.

An example of the difference in size between King Mealworms and regular, smaller mealworms. King mealworms can deliver quite a painful bite.

Small Mealworm.





In addition to live crickets and mealworms, you can also get both in the dehydrated form. These are suitable as treats, but I wouldn't use them in place of live insects.

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