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How to buy a plane ticket for someone else

how to buy a plane ticket for someone else

First of all, it doesn't matter where you're flying from. What really matter is what airline you are flying with . so the short answer is: it depends.

Some airlines, in an attempt to fight frauds, may ask you to show the card and if you fail to do so they CAN refuse to embark you.

I once flew Royal Jordanian from Milano Malpensa to Amman and I was asked to show the credit card. Since I paid that flight with my father credit card, I didn't have it with me. They refused to embark me and I had to call home and make my father fax a self-certfication signed by him along with a copy of the credit card used to book the flight.

Another time I was leaving from Amsterdam to Atlanta flying Delta and I was asked the same. That time I had my credit card with me and I pass the control flawlessly.

Always read the conditions very carefully. It's always stated somewhere if they may ask you to show the card or not. If unsure, write an email or call them.

Here some examples:

Singapore airlines [click on "What happens if I don't comply with the credit card verification requirements?"]

If the booker does not bring his or her card used for the booking at check-in for verification, then passengers on the booking will not be allowed to check in and will be asked to purchase a new ticket using a new credit/debit card. However, the ticket price will remain the same. A refund will then be manually processed for the earlier purchased ticket.

On the Enter billing information page where the credit card details are entered, if the "Cardholder name" can be typed in, you would be able to pay for the booking even if you are not travelling. If the "Cardholder name" appears in a drop-down menu and cannot be changed, you

would unfortunately not be able to pay for the booking unless you are travelling.

In some countries, for security reasons, the holder of the credit card used to book a ticket or group of tickets must be one of the travellers on that itinerary, and will be required to show the actual credit card at the airport check-in counter prior to receiving boarding passes.

Skywards members may make a redemption booking for friends and family, and pay for the applicable taxes online with their own credit cards, if the country of departure offers credit card payment.

Business Rewards administrators may also pay for their organizations members bookings by credit card, if the country of departure offers credit card payment.

Delta [click on the credit card link]

To safeguard against credit/debit card fraud, the purchaser may have to show us the credit/debit card along with a valid photo ID. The time varies based on the billing address of the credit/debit card or the country of travel. If the purchaser is not traveling, they can show us their credit/debit card and ID at an airport ticket counter or another ticket office location, whichever is most convenient.

Due to increased credit card fraud problems, Air France does not accept third party payments (the credit card holder not being the passenger or part of the group traveling together). Exception: We allow payments for family members with the same surname. Please make sure the family member you book for brings the personal identifier you specified during booking to check in at the airport or to Customs and Immigration if required (this applies to e-tickets only).

If you have booked directly with British Airways, either through or a British Airways Telephone Sales office, and you paid with your debit/ credit card you must present that debit/ credit card at check-in. This is to assist the check-in process and to provide debit/ credit card verification.

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