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How to buy airplane tickets

how to buy airplane tickets

Use the search engines below to find the best deals: (see additional tips below ) Non-US citizens should use Flight Search

Auto Europe - K nown for its brokering of rental car services in Europe, Auto Europe is now brokering U.S. to Europe flights. You do not get the option of picking your airline on this booking engine. I have not had a chance to check out the Auto Europe booking engine extensively. On a test run of the engine, I found tickets to Europe could be either a couple hundred dollars more-or less-than offered by some of the other flight booking

engines listed below.

Last minute booking - . A Travelocity company, reports to be the industry leader in deeply-discounted last-minute travel packages.

Flight Search - Showcased by my Traveling in Spain website. it is powered by Travel Now. The Travel Now Flight Search can be used by most nationalities. This booking engine provides price comparisons for both U.S. domestic and international flights. This air flight-booking engine accesses a wide selection of quality air carriers and available flight times.

- Air France flies from 11 U.S cities to nearly 200 destinations in 83 countries.

- Priceline air and hotel packages.

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