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How to buy an expired domain

how to buy an expired domain

Are You Spending Too Much Time Searching

For Good Domains?

Let Automated Software Do The Analysis For You!

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This Software Will Get Aged,

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  • Find only Aged, Linked Domains
  • Let the software do all the research and analysis for you!
  • Never miss a single high PR, aged, premium domain ever again
  • Reveal exact domain age, fake PR, full backlink profile and social signals (Facebook, Twitter, Google+) at a click of a button
  • Choose to use the desktop software or the fully hosted version of your domain research tool (on any device!)

Dear domain hunter,

Before You read another word on this page…

*All testimonials are from real people and customers of the software. Individual

experiences will always vary from person to person. We make the software available for

you to use as you see fit

So let’s ask…

Are you looking to buy old domains with high PageRank, recently expired domains or aged domains?

If you find one that has tons of backlinks and social signals, a real, high PR and is a couple of years old… You know it’s time to break out the champagne, because it’s a…

Sounds pretty easy, right?

It’s NOT.

  • Going through

    sometimes pages and pages of domains to find something decent

  • Checking for fake PR
  • Checking the domain age
  • Digging for backlinks
  • Looking up social signals
  • Sitting in front of a computer waiting for an auction to end to make sure no one outbids you
  • … doing everything else it takes to find expired domains instead of a dud …

Watching the Paint Dry!

Think about it.

Once you go through the entire search process.

You may be looking for a specific domain length, age, or keyword.

You find some (and miss hundreds more because you are sick of scrolling)

Each domain can look good,

Then you have to take each one – and do a whois lookup for the age

Drop it into a pagerank checker (solving a captcha) and see where it scores.

(Plus… is it a REAL page rank, or are you about to get caught with buying something with Fake PR …?)

Dig into some tool to find out if it has ever had anyone tweet about it, or post it on Facebook or Google plus

Look up the HISTORY of the domain, to see if there has been anything ‘undesirable’ on that domain in the past

Check the backlinks and the trustflow on each domain

See if it is directory listed or not.

And on and on it goes….

For EACH of the few domains you managed to copy and paste.

Of course – you missed out on the hundreds of domains because of

And those ones could have been the absolute diamonds in the mix….

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