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How to Restore an iPod Classic 30GB

iPod Classic 5th Generation White

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The iPod Classic 30 GB has a solid construction that can last for many years. Not everyone wants to keep an iPod for that long, however, and even owners who do might want a fresh start at some point. iPod restoration helps users to prepare their device for either resale or gifting, or simply breathe new life into an older device for continued enjoyment. By following the appropriate steps for restoring an iPod Classic to its factory settings, owners give the device a thorough internal cleaning, preparing the iPod for a brand new life. If the external casing needs a revamp, buyers can get all the necessary restoration products on eBay to make their iPods as good as new.

Steps to Restore an iPod Classic 30 GB to Factory Settings

Restoring an iPod to factory settings turns back the clock on its internal settings and storage, making it operate like an iPod right out the manufacturer's packaging. If the iPod contains any media or files that should not be erased, users must back up this data to their iTunes before proceeding with the restoration, as restoring the device deletes everything on the iPod hard drive. Following these simple steps ensures users the best outcome:

  1. Install the most up to date version of iTunes on the computer. It does not matter whether one uses a Mac or PC for this. In both cases, this software is free for download from Apple's website.
  2. Open iTunes, and then use an iPod USB link cable (this can be purchased on eBay if necessary) to connect the device to the computer.
  3. In a few moments, the iPod appears listed as a connected device in the iTunes interface. On the iPod screen, it should say "Connected" or "Do Not Disconnect." If this does not happen, the user should set the device to "disk mode" by following the instructions on Apple's website.
  4. Next, users should select the iPod in iTunes by clicking on it. This results in a display of general information and options for the device in the Summary tab of iTunes.
  5. In the Summary window, click the Restore button to view the restoration options, including: Restore/Use Same Version, to restore the iPod to with the software version currently installed, even if a newer version exists; or Restore and Update/Use Newest Version, to restore the iPod to factory settings and install the newest software.
  6. Select the appropriate option. As the first stage of restoration begins, a progress bar appears in iTunes. When complete, a message appears instructing

    users to leave the iPod connected.

  7. At this point, stage two of the restoration process begins. During this stage, an Apple symbol and progress bar appear on the iPod screen itself. Do not disconnect the iPod at this stage. Doing so cancels the restoration process.
  8. After the second stage of restoration resolves, users see a prompt in iTunes to name the iPod and set up syncing preference. If restoring for resale, do not complete these steps. Simply disconnect the iPod.

How to Perform External Restoration and Refurbishing

In most cases, superficial scratches and scuffs make up the main external restoration considerations. Luckily, the iPod Classic has a sturdy casing and scratch-resistant screen, which should keep general wear and tear to a minimum. In some cases, a cleaning with rubbing alcohol and a soft lens cloth brings a gently used iPod Classic back to its former glory.

If gentle cleaning does not sufficiently repair damage, users can purchase a scratch removing kit specially designed for iPod and phone screens on eBay. These kits generally include a polishing gel that dissolves a miniscule layer of the screen surface to fill in scratches and scrapes. Most kits come complete with a microfiber polish cloth. Some kits include different formulas for fine, medium, and deep scratches.

If the casing has significant wear that polishing kits cannot repair, buyers should consider purchase a case or skin to help hide the wear. To purchase the correct case, users must first determine which generation of iPod Classic they have. For 30 GB models, it could be either a 3rd, 4th, or 5th generation iPod. Buyers should consult Apple's official site to determine which generation they have.

How to Buy iPod Restoration Products

By searching on eBay for "30 GB iPod case X generation " replacing the X with the appropriate number, shoppers can see a wide selection of designs and styles to choose from. For the internal restoration of an iPod Classic 30 GB. users only need an Internet connected computer and an iPod USB cable. Many eBay vendors sell these cables at very low prices. Restoring an iPod's internal systems does not necessarily add value to the device, but it provides a better experience for its next owner as a sale or a gift.

eBay also has a well-stocked marketplace for external restoration supplies. For cosmetic wear that a scratch remover cannot fix, an iPod Classic case can help conceal the damage. Properly cared for, an iPod Classic keeps its sleek looks and reliable functionality for years to come.

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