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How to buy baby clothes

how to buy baby clothes

Five tips for buying newborn baby clothes

By Sharon Schneider, CEO and co-founder of Moxie Jean

As a new mom, knowing what to look for when buying baby clothes for that super little one in your life can be intimidating. Based on my experience in raising three kids, here is my advice for keeping your baby comfortable and looking adorable.

1. Go for soft collars — or no collars, and avoid that fussiness around the neck. Lace collars look adorable in the store but are a pain for sensitive newborn skin. You will end up regretting the purchase five minutes after you put in on your precious baby.

2. Love the Onsies —Think about the small openings that you are supposed to pull over your baby’s head. They are so tiny and delicate that you don’t want to pull anything over it.  So, look for Onsies that have a bigger opening for the baby’s head and then snaps or has a loose tie to close it up.

Jackets that slip on and button up the front are great, but you’ll want a Onesie underneath (and underneath sleepers, too). So stock up on plain Onesies that you can layer under everything.

3. Go for One-Piece Outfits — You want to avoid anything that is snug around the waist. When they first come home from the hospital, you have to consider how clothes and diapers rub against with

their umbilical cord. Even when the cord falls off, though, pants can feel constraining. Pants are okay if they are soft cotton with a very gentle waistband, but avoid jeans or khaki pants until the baby is a little older.

One-piece outfits with feet are awesome—you’ll save the struggle constantly trying to put on those cute but useless socks.

4.  Upscale Brands = durability and higher resale value–Brands that are better quality will last longer have some resale value through services like Moxie Jean or your local consignment sale. Those super-cheap clothes from a big box store might seem like a deal now but they will fade, fall apart after a few washes and won’t be accepted by most secondhand dealers.

5.  Buy Upscale Resale — Save money and the planet an buy “like-new” clothing. You really can buy higher-quality clothing at the same prices as “throwaway” brands by shopping for gently used clothing at sites like   Be sure to look for a satisfaction guarantee so that you know a retailer will stand behind the quality and condition of the clothing it sells.

The Bottom Line — Buying baby and kids’ clothes is a fun part of being a parent — and of course the goal is for the baby to be adorable AND happy. Enjoy!

Sharon Schneider is CEO and Co-Founder of Moxie Jean , the upscale resale site for baby and kids clothes.

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