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How to buy boxing tickets

how to buy boxing tickets

There's nothing like The Garden on fight night. Some of the greatest heavyweight championships have taken place over the years and more than fifty world title bouts overallhave been decided at The World's Most Famous Arena.

Mecca of Boxing

John L. Sullivan became the first heavyweight champion to box in the original Madison Square Garden when he defended his title against Joe Collins in 1882. Sullivan offered Collins, $1,000 and half the gate receipts of the sold out Garden if he was still standing after four rounds. Collins withstood several knockdowns, but clutched his way to a "survival victory".

In the 1940s, Henry Armstrong and Joe Louis were Garden fixtures. Louis made eight successful title defenses in The Garden. In 1942, Sugar Ray Robinson defeated

Jake LaMotta in a Garden classic.

In 1951, the 37-year-old Louis came out of retirement to fight Rocky Marciano. A Marciano left hook floored Louis in the eighth.

In the battle of the century, Joe Frazier and Muhammad Ali met in March of 1971 for a five million-dollar purse. Frazier won "The Fight".

A legacy that began in 1882 has flourished through four buildings and still exists today.

Where Legends are Made

Ali, Frazier, Holmes, Holyfield, Lewis, Duran, Ray Leonard, Jones Jr. and Mosley have all fought in the world's most famous ring. Madison Square Garden. It's the place where legends are made. Be there for the next great boxing moment.

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