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How to buy crude oil on stock market

Yesterday MCX Crude oil had dropped almost 4.69% ( -134 ) and COMEX crude loosed $1.6. Now this time to remind you my August 6, 2015 newsletter because I was saying to sell this black oil over 15 days!

“ Closing below $44.30 will show us big boom from $44 to $41-$38-$35 “

I had boldly said, “ Rs.2675 (MCX Crude) will lookup COMEX Crude $41 below levels soon “

I had said, “ If crude oil not stay above 2796 level then it will hit 2740 below levels “

As I said Crude oil completed MCX 2675 target and as well it

touched the COMEX Crude oil first target too!

So now what you’re expecting about crude oil future? Do you think, will it stop here and don’t touch my second & third targets ($38-$35)?

Sorry, I’ll explain it to my premium subscribers!

Lookup above chart, MCX Copper is moving downside over 2 years and I didn’t see any bright future rightnow! I’d like to help long term & short term investors so for them if it closes below 320 then we see 310-300 levels OR if it touch and close above 320 level for 3 consecutive days then it will touch 340-350 levels.

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