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How to buy drum sticks

how to buy drum sticks The Weakerthans facebook page

Current Labels:

Anti-. released our newest album, Reunion Tour

Epitaph Records. our North American label

Burning Heart. our European label

Shock Records. our Australian label

Rock Music:

Greg Smith Sounds. Weakerthans bass player Greg Smith's audio and visual art

Jim Bryson. Released his own great album with Weakerthans, also played in band on tour

Christine Fellows. Searing avant-garde folk music

Greg MacPherson. Weakerthans brother in/with arms

Cyclops Press. An independent, artist-run, literary and multimedia art publisher.

Anonymous Juice. The exceptional writings of Craig Taylor

Open Letters. Inert but not forgotten

The Believer. Smart and good-looking

Bad Subjects. Great progressive political writing literature and curiosities



Ray, Inc. Helping kids.

Make Poverty History. If everyone who wants to end poverty speaks at the same time, world leaders will be forced to listen.

Amnesty International Canada. A worldwide movement of people dedicated to the protection and promotion of human rights.

Greenpeace Canada. An independent organisation which uses non-violent, creative confrontation to expose global environmental problems, and to force solutions for a green and peaceful future.

Manitoba Eco-Network. Helping people and organizations transform their environmental concerns and ideas into meaningful action

General Links:

Prairie Recording Company. where we recorded Reunion Tour

Kurt Wiscombe. Tattoos for the Individual

Schedule Two Records. record label in Minneapolis who also did our webpage

Help us do what we do:

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