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How to Buy a Used Drum Set

How to Buy a Used Drum Set

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Many people are interested in music; it’s no surprise too, since it is a good stress reliever and making music in itself is a fun activity. One of the main instruments used in modern music is the drum set. Drums have been used for a very long time as a means to generate sound and music, and the drum set was created as a way to save space during performances, as one percussionist could play several instruments this way.

For those who are new to playing the drums, or who would just like to save some money, buying a used drum set is a good option. However, to purchase the best set possible, musicians need to know the basic components of a drum set, including electronic drum sets, as well as how to choose a good used drum set. With this information, the buyer can confidently purchase a set that is good quality as well as a bargain.

Basic Components of a Modern Drum Set

When looking at acoustic drum kits. buyers should remember that drum sets can consist of almost anything. However, the most basic components of a set should consist of a bass drum. snare drum. cymbals. and hi-hat. More information about acoustic and electronic drum sets will be covered in a later section of this guide.

Bass Drum

The bass drum is the drum with the deepest tone among all the other components, and is frequently placed on the floor with an attached pedal. The musician uses this foot pedal to strike the drum. The bass drum is typically the largest drum in the drum set, so it is not difficult to identify. It is often used simultaneously with the snare drum to create balanced beats.

Snare Drum

The snare drum is a small drum that is placed on a stand on its own, and is usually located in the central part of the drum set. It is called a snare drum due to the fact that it has wires below it that are called snares. It is these wires that give the snare drum its unique snappy sound. Snare drums are usually situated in between the musician’s legs when the musician is seated and are played with drumsticks or other types of beaters.


The hi-hat is a pair of cymbals that is usually located next to the snare drum. They are called hi-hat because their positioning makes them look like a hat, and they are placed on a high stand. Like the bass drum, they are attached to a foot pedal, which when stepped on "claps" the cymbals together producing a characteristic clanging sound. Rarely, the hi-hat is played simultaneously with the ride cymbal.


There were several types of other cymbals in a drum set other than hi-hat cymbals, including the ride cymbal. crash cymbals. and splash cymbals. The ride cymbal is the largest of the three, and gives out a more sustained "washy" sound when compared to the hi-hat. The crash cymbals and splash cymbals are smaller than the ride cymbal, but produce a sharper sound and are often used to create dramatic ending fills.

These are the basic components of a drum set, though most drum set also come with additional tom-toms. which are smaller, mellower drums without snares. Tom-toms are especially valuable if one is interested in Latin American or Afro-Cuban music.

Electronic Drum Sets

There are two distinct types of drum sets: the acoustic drum set and the electronic drum set. The former is basically a drum set with the real instruments mentioned in the previous section. The latter, however, is different, as instead of instruments, it has electronic pads in place of the instruments. The electronic pads are placed in similar locations as the real instruments are, and produce similar sounds. The sounds are created through electrical signals that are produced when a pad is struck, where these signals travel to an electronic module which produces the associated sound.

Electronic drum sets have certain advantages over acoustic drum sets, including the fact that they allow silent play as the musician can just put on headphones if he or she does not want to disturb others. Not only that, electronic drum sets usually take up less space, and produce less acoustic noise than acoustic drum sets. However, they have their disadvantages as well. Electronic drum sets still do not produce as rich of a sound as acoustic drum sets, and these sets usually need amplifiers and power outlets if used even for small gigs.

How to Choose a Used Drum Set

Buying a used drum set is an excellent way to cut cost, especially if the buyer is just starting up as a musician. Beginners should always try their hand at playing the drums first before getting an expensive drum set, and the best way to do that is to buy a used set first to save money. There are several things buyers should look at when purchasing a used drum set so as to ensure they are getting one in good condition.

Type of Drum Set

Before doing anything else, the buyer should decide whether he or she wants an acoustic drum set or an electronic one. As mentioned in the previous section, electronic drum sets do have their perks, especially if the buyer lives in a place where he or she cannot make much noise. However, for the complete beginner, acoustic drum

sets would be a better choice for the learning process.

Also, the buyer should decide whether he or she wants a complete drum set, with all the components mentioned in a previous section, or a very basic standard one with just a bass drum, a snare drum, two tom-toms, and a floor tom. A beginner could do well enough with the basic standard, while a more experienced drummer may want a complete set to allow flexibility and a better playing experience.


While brand is not as important when buying a used drum set as the condition of the drum set itself is, some players may be fussy and insist on certain brands instead of others. If this is the first time the buyer is buying a drum set, he or she may want to research which brands are suitable for his or her needs before purchasing. Some popular brands of drums include:

Popular brands for cymbals include:

There are also well-known, off-brand drums and cymbal manufacturers, including:


When buying used drum sets, this is the aspect the buyer should really look into. While drum sets can look used, they should not look like they are on their last legs. The buyer should check the drum finish, the tuning lugs on the drum (they shouldn’t be missing or bent), and ensure that all the drums have their top and bottom. Also, cymbals should not be cracked in any way, but can be discolored or dull as this can be remedied quickly. The drum shell should also be crack-free, and with no or minimal scratches. Other parts of a drum set such as the throne. stands, and pedals should also be in good condition and not have any dents. For the best gauge of condition, the buyer should play the drum set to make sure it is producing sounds properly and is comfortable to use.

Used drum sets can be bought at a few different locations, such as from sellers who advertise through classifieds, from online platforms like eBay, from some local music shops, as well as from some pawn shops. It is best to purchase drum sets from an older, more experienced drummer, as they usually take care of their drum sets better.

Purchasing Used Drum Sets on eBay

eBay is a good place to look for used drum sets available for sale, as you are not limited to just browsing the local marketplace, but can look at vendors from the whole country. While you can also buy internationally, that isn’t recommended in this case as high shipping costs would defeat the purpose of buying a used drum set.

Looking for anything on eBay is very straightforward. If you go to any eBay page, you’ll notice that there is a search bar there. Just use that search bar to key in your search term, and you will be redirected to the listings page. Make your search term specific, for example, "Yamaha drum set " or "used drum set ." This way you will be brought to relevant listings.

On the listing page, go through the available listings to see if any catch your interest and are within your budget range. You can check the Used box under Condition on the relevant panel so that you will only see used drum sets and not new ones. Once you see a listing you like, click on it so that you can view more information regarding that item.

This is where you will be brought to the item page, where the seller lists all the relevant information regarding the drum set that is for sale. Look especially at what the seller has said about the condition of the item, and look through all the provided photographs. If you still aren’t confident enough to make the purchase, contact the seller and request any additional information you may want, or ask for clearer pictures to zoom into and make a better evaluation of the condition of the drum set. Preferably, purchase from a seller who has a good feedback rating. If you are satisfied with the drum set that is being sold, you can bid on it or buy it depending on whether the drum set is listed for auction or for immediate sale. Once the transaction is completed and the seller has received your payment, the drum set will then be shipped to you. In the case of a local seller, you may be able to arrange a pick-up yourself. Don’t forget to give the seller a good feedback rating if you get the drum set in good condition.


Drum sets are used to create a variety of beats and sounds, and can be found used for many different types of music. The basic components of a drum set usually include the bass drum, the snare drum, the hi-hat, the cymbals, and most of the time, the tom-toms. When purchasing a drum set, the buyer has to first decide whether he or she wants an acoustic drum set or an electronic drum set. Both types of drum sets have advantages and disadvantages, so the buyer should purchase according to his or her needs.

When choosing a used drum set, the buyer has to look into several things, including the type of drum set, the brand, and the condition of the drum set. While drum sets can be purchased from many locations, in this guide eBay is recommended as it provides a wider marketplace for buying used drums.

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