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English Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 15 (Revised)

English Premier League Squad Guide for FIFA 15 (Revised)

We updated our Barclays PL squad guide with the new English Premier League squad guide that includes winter transfers and winter upgrades. Everything you need to improve your FIFA 15 team.

Introduction to the FIFA 15 English Premier League Guide

Since we published the Barclays Premier League guide, several new cards have been released. In order to keep our choices updated, we decided this revised version which includes the Winter Transfers and the Winter Upgrades .

Here are the criteria we followed in this guide:

  • Only Gold Players
      In this guide we didn’t consider silver or bronze players. Most players assume that they won’t be a better option than gold players, so to simplify the guide’s analysis we didn’t include them. In the future we may come to publish guides exclusively talking about these categories.
  • Only Regular Players
      In this guide we didn’t consider In Forms (IF). They’re extremely expensive and in most cases are not considered good value for money. They should only be used by players with generous budgets, that already have the best team possible and that want

      small upgrades.

    • Transferred and Upgraded Players

      Players that have been transferred to English Premier League clubs or that have been reviewed (UP) during the Winter were included in this guide.

  • Only Original Attributes
      In this guide we didn’t consider changes made on a players performance when applying training or chemistry styles cards.
  • Position analysis
      To make the comprehension of this guide easier we divided the players in nine distinct groups in order of their original position: Goalkeeper (GK), centre backs (CB), right backs (RB and RWB), left backs (LB and LWB), centre defensive midfielders (CDM) centre midfielders (CM and CAM), right midfielders (RM, RW and RF), left midfielders (LM, LW and LF) and forwards (CF and ST).
  • Prices at the date of publication of the guide
      In the chapter, where FIFA 15 Ultimate Team EPL teams are suggested, the prices stated are the ones from the date of the guide’s publication: March 2015. We used the minimum and maximum prices fixed by EA.

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