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How to Register a Domain Name

Hi future website owner!

Welcome to the first step of building your website.

Take a moment to watch this quick, yet informative video so you register the best name for your site.

So much has changed online since I created my very first website, so make sure you read this entire page.

NOTE: If you already know about domain names and don't need any extra advice, go here to register .

A domain name is the home of your website and often ends in extensions like .com. net. org. info. us. biz. tv and more. Today there are numerous extensions available, but .com is still the most popular by far.

Once you have registered your name, you will select a web host (2nd step). The web host is the guts of any website because this is where you create and publish your pages, create a blog, create email addresses, add functionality and maintain your site.

Free Guide AND Video to Help Create Your Site

WordPress is the platform I recommend using to create your site.

So if you buy your domain at Website Palace. you will receive my WordPress guide (PDF) and video absolutely free.

The guide is linked from the ORDER CONFIRMATION page.

Tips for Registering a Domain

Reserving a domain name is easy, inexpensive and only takes a few moments.

The big name companies like and charge ridiculous prices such as $30-35/year for one domain name, and you get the same service at .

For the record, it doesn't matter where you register your domain these days. Almost every registrar provides the same service. Just stay away from the free registrars.

The catch is you get the domain for free the first year and then they'll charge you $20 or more for the second year because they know you're locked in and it's a hassle to move to another registrar.

So be careful of the "free domain promotions." They come with a price in the end. You will probably end up paying more in the end.

How to Get a Domain Name for $1.99

For a limited time, you can register a domain name at Website Palace and get the first year for only $1.99. See offer below.

You need hosting to start your website anyway, so you might as well get both and take advantage of the special offer.

Keyword Rich Domains

For search engine optimization purposes (the process of ranking in Google, Yahoo, etc.), many experts recommend registering a domain with keywords you want to be found for. While this was a must years ago, it's not the necessity it once was .

In fact, there was a very big Google update in October 2012 called EMD (Exact Match Domain update) that targeted domain names that were only ranking because the name matched the targeted phrase.

Then in the summer of 2013, Google launched a Partial Match Domain update and lowered the ranking of sites that contained the keywords it seemed to be targeting, but didn't have enough other signals (social media presence, links pointing to the site, etc.) to warrant the rank.

That's not to say you shouldn't register a name that has the keywords you want to target, but don't expect to rank well just because you choose a keyword-rich name. It's not that you will be penalized, you just have to work harder now to earn a rank.

The domain name is not as big of a factor as it used to be when it comes to ranking a website.

Today, it's more about the big picture and Google looks at things like: your social media shares, links from other sites that voluntarily link to you, your overall content, etc.

Going For The Brand Name

Some people prefer to go for a shorter, brandable domain that's easier to remember -- especially because so many "good" domains are taken these days.

So instead of registering a keyword-rich name like, you would register a made-up name like

Fitzee means absolutely nothing, but it's short, catchy and is a derivative of the word "fit."

Plus, it would look a lot better in an online ad, shirt, mug or hat than a 4-word domain.

See what I mean?

Having said that, I still think it's a good idea to aim for the keywords you want to target. Descriptive names can have advantages. For example, it automatically tells the potential visitor what the site is about.

Just don't make your domain name so long and awkard that it's hard to read and remember. It's really about finding a balance. Also, don't be shy about bouncing ideas off your friends and family before registering.

Here's another tip. Write the name down to give you an idea of what it may look like on business cards, T-shirts and other printed materials.

Remember, your domain is a big part of your brand, so take your time coming up with the right name for your site.

Protect Your Brand - Register Common Extensions


If you are registering a .com domain for example, get the .net and .org to protect your brand.

There are many domain extensions, but .com. net and .org are the most popular. Some also grab the .info domain too.

If you type in or, they forward to this site. When you get your domains at forwarding is free for every domain you register.

So you can buy as many extensions as you want and forward them to your main site.

Be Careful of Registering Trademark Names

To keep yourself out of trouble, do not register names that infringe upon other company trademarks. Stay away from names that represent products and services or ones that may confuse people.

Here's an example. Say that you register and you create a website that makes people think you are affiliated with the CocaCola brand.

If you are caught, you may be forced to give up the domain. So it's best to stay away from any kind of trademark when registering a name to prevent any kind of confusion.

You May Want to Protect Your Privacy

As you're registering your name, you will be presented with the option of keeping your domain name private - a deluxe feature you may want to take advantage of.

A private domain registration will keep your information (name, email address, etc.) out of the global Internet database, and will prevent a lot of spam from reaching your email box.

Even though registering a "private" domain is not mandatory and will not block all spam, it is a great idea if you want to keep your contact information out of the domain registry database. Some people want to register domains anonymously, so this is the reason this option is available.

Do I Need to Setup a Corporation For My Website Before I Register?

No. You don't need to setup a corporation, even if your website is for business. But you should read up on this in case you want to do that in the future.

Customer Support Available 24/7

Most people that come here are new to the website creation scene. Their number one fear is that they'll invest their money into something that is new and unfamiliar, and then get stuck with no one to help them should they have a question. Well, that's not going to happen here.

Website Palace has 24 hour customer support, 7 days a week. If you ever have a question or need help, you can call for help or send an email. The customer service team makes every effort to answer emails within a 10-12 hour period.

Freebies for Starting Your Site at

1) Free 27 Minute Getting Started WordPress Video

Starting a site can be intimidating but not anymore! This 27 minute video will teach you how to get started with WordPress and make you feel at ease with the website building platform.

The link is on the order confirmation page .

2) WordPress Starter Guide

As I mentioned, if you do decide to use WordPress (comes free with hosting) to create your website, you will receive my WP Starter Guide -- which is an ebook (PDF) you can download that will teach you how to use WordPress, brainstorm for a topic and make money from your site.

WordPress does not require any programming or design skills and is the most popular platform for building websites today.

All new Website Palace customers will receive this book for free. So if you register your domain name, buy hosting or any product from my store, it's all yours!

3) Domain Name Forwarding

As mentioned, you will receive a free domain forwarding account with every domain name. Say you want to register but you want to make sure no one else registers the .net. org, etc. You can forward all those extensions to your main domain.

Domain forwarding used to be priced at $16.99 per year, but for a limited time is offering it for FREE! Yes, that means you can forward any domain to any site that you wish and it won't cost you a dime.

More Free Offers

If you register your domain with you will also receive the following items.

  • Free Starter Page
  • Free Parked/For Sale Page
  • Free Domain Locking
  • Free Domain Status Alerts

It's Time to Register Your Domain.

Register your domain here. but before you leave this page, check out the 2nd step in creating a website - selecting a web host (recommended). You cannot build your pages until you have a web host.

Hosting is what you need to actually create your website and publish it to the Internet. A domain name is only the address, but the host is the guts of any website.

However, if you want to reserve your domain now and come back to this tutorial to read about step 2 a bit later, go to now and search the database for an available name.

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