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Freshman 101: How To Buy Football Tickets

Student season tickets go on sale this week, and if you’re new to Happy Valley you may be asking yourself, “Is buying tickets for seven home games worth $218?”

Don’t be silly. You should be asking, “How many people in the country have an opportunity to watch high-quality college football in one of the nation’s best stadiums and student sections?'”

There are pockets of the incoming freshman class that have gone to dozens of Penn State football games and there are plenty that haven’t been to one. Regardless of which group you fall into, getting season tickets can make a huge positive impact on your first semester of college. Esteemed college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit recently called Penn State’s student section “unparalleled,” and it’d be a shame to miss out on it.

Ticket sales are divided by students’ semester standings and begin with graduate students and seniors on Monday, June 22, followed by juniors on Tuesday, sophomores on Wednesday, then freshmen on Thursday. The sale begins at 7 a.m. and ends either at 2 p.m. or when the allotted number of tickets for the class of the day sells out. The sale will definitely end with in latter scenario, as tickets will surely sell out   in a few minutes.

You have to have a Ticketmaster account set

up before buying tickets. Set it up here beforehand and have a valid U.S. credit card handy.

To buy tickets, log on to Ticketmaster and follow the following instructions, from Penn State’s Ticket Sale Quick-Start Guide :

It’s worth checking out your semester standing here . A friend of a friend of mine missed out on buying tickets last year because he was entering his second year at Penn State but had enough credits to be classified as a junior. He logged on to Ticketmaster on the sophomore class’ day to buy tickets only to find out he was ineligible and was supposed to buy tickets the day before.

To review:

  1. Set up your Ticketmaster account before the day you’re scheduled to buy tickets.
  2. Log on to Ticketmaster before 7 a.m. on your designated day (freshmen buy tickets on Thursday).
  3. Starting exactly at 7 a.m. buy a ticket as fast as your internet connection lets you .
  4. On Saturday, Sept. 12, head over to Beaver Stadium, swipe in with your Penn State ID, and enjoy being a part of the best student section in college football.

Penn State has seven home games slated for 2015: Buffalo, Rutgers, San Diego State, Army, Indiana, Illinois, and lastly Michigan in the White Out game.

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