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How to buy hyundai stock

how to buy hyundai stock

Things You'll Need

Specialty automotive tools


Install a CAI (cold air intake). This is one of the most common modifications that owners of modern cars make when they are trying to get more power from their cars. Stock air boxes restrict the amount of air that the engine receives, and the more air the motor gets, the more power it potentially can make. A CAI features large-diameter tubing and a larger cone filter that allows more air into the intake. To install one, unbolt the existing air box from the engine bay and disconnect it from the intake. Install the new intake, ensuring that the filter is positioned to get lots of fresh air.

Replace the stock, restrictive exhaust. Most original exhaust systems are smaller than optimal, which slows and restricts the flow of spent exhaust gasses as they leave the motor. Installing a larger-diameter exhaust paired with a more free-flowing muffler will unleash hidden power in your engine and, as a bonus, make it sound better--or at least louder. Installation of a performance exhaust should be done by a professional shop, as it takes special tools such as a welder, pipe cutter and a lift to access the exhaust.

Install a tubular header on a four-cylinder Tiburon or a pair of headers on a V6-powered Tiburon in place of the stock manifold. The manifold is

the component that routes spent exhaust gasses from the head to the exhaust. Stock manifolds are cast, which results in smaller than optimal internal passages as well as rough internal surfaces, both of which get in the way of smooth, quick flow of exhaust gasses. Tubular headers have larger internals and smooth walls, which gets exhaust gasses out of the engine more quickly. Headers work best with a performance exhaust and intake. To install them, the stock manifolds must be removed and the headers bolted on in their place. Check your local laws to make sure headers are street legal.

Install a lighter flywheel. Stock Tiburon flywheels are heavier than they need to be. Since they’re bolted to the crank and spin when the motor is running, the lighter the better. A lighter flywheel unlocks latent horsepower and allows the motor to rev more quickly as well. A new flywheel should be installed when a new clutch is being put in to make the job easier.

Convert the engine to forced induction. This is a popular way to get more power from the Tiburon, though it is also one of the most expensive. Forced induction with a turbocharger or supercharger forces more air into the engine for a big power gain. Either one of these types of kits should be installed by someone familiar with this type of conversion.

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