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gcse economics - international trade - protectionism, trade barriers and free trade

PROTECTIONISM The restriction of imports into a country by government measures REASONS FOR PROTECTIONISM • Protects UK businesses from extra competition • Helps new UK businesses to develop before they face competition • Helps protect UK jobs • Prevents foreign countries ‘dumping’ lots of cheap imports into the UK • Prevents imports of harmful or desirable goods TRADE BARRIERS / METHODS OF PROTECTIONISM - TARIFFS or IMPORT DUTIES These are taxes on imported goods. They raise the price to customers and make them less attractive - QUOTAS These are limits on the quantity of a product that can be imported into a country e.

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Why to invest in the stock market

Mar 21, 2012 Why I Don’t Invest in the U. S. Stock Market Note: this article was originally written for Forbes   It has been common wisdom for the last 50 years that if you are a long-term investor, your best return will be in stocks. Almost every financial advisor will tell a 30-year-old to put upwards of 90% of their portfolio in stocks. Most people above median wealth have a substantial allocation of their liquid portfolio in stocks.  Some people pick stocks (Apple, GE, Wal-Mart, etc. ) and some invest in managed mutual funds (Fidelity), while others invest in index funds (the S&P 500 from Vanguard).

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Why Google Is Investing In Deep Learning

Google's acquisition of DeepMind Technologies last month was a huge deal. By snatching up the artificial intelligence company, Google signified a growing interest in deep learning. But what does this buzzword actually mean? DeepMind was founded in 2012 by neuroscientist and former teenage chess prodigy Demis Hassabis and two colleagues. As its website describes, "We combine the best techniques from machine learning and systems neuroscience to build powerful general-purpose learning algorithms" with applications in a broad range of industries.

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Gold IRA Rollover – Why Invest In Gold?

It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and money system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning. – Henry Ford You hear people talking about getting a gold IRA or 401k rollover all the time. But do you know why? Here are the cold, hard facts that you need to understand. It’s pretty amazing how a plain banknote – a mere piece of decorated paper if you think about it – can have so much value just because certain groups of people have decided that it should be so.

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Quick Facts about China Population: 1. 3 Billion Languages: Mandarin GDP: 9. 25 Trillion GDP Growth Rate: Worldbank Travel Requirements: China Visa Seeking to invest in China ? Despite a slight decrease in the speed of growth and expansion, I still believe foreign direct investment in China is one of the most profitable opportunities around. The growth statistics for the country still flirt with double digits and some of the world’s fastest growing companies are located there. The number of options available to get exposure to the region are vast, including stocks, China-based exchange-traded-funds (ETFs) and Chinese mutual funds.

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Why People Invest in Bonds

Ultimately the reason people invest in anything is to earn a return on their investment, and bonds are no exception.  Bonds as an asset class offer several unique attributes that make them attractive to a wide variety of individuals. To earn a predictable stream of income While there are exceptions, bonds pay a fixed rate of interest, at regular intervals, and on pre determined dates.  The income stream that you earn when buying a bond is predictable.  Come rain or shine, as long as the issuer of your bond doesn’t go bankrupt, you get your interest payment.

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Why I Continue To Invest In Apple

On Monday December 9, 2013, Seeking Alpha published my article: Apple Vs. Samsung: A Free Cash Flow Clash Of The Titans. " In the comments section, I was asked the following question: " How has Apple changed from, say jan2011 until now, in your valuation methods? It would be nice to plot these ratios over time. " pbanados I thought this was a great idea and decided to run a free cash flow analysis of Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL ) from 2008 to 2014E (estimate). Those new to this analysis can find an introduction by going here that will explain in detail how each ratio is calculated.

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Why to invest

Explore Industry Sectors Explore State Why to Invest in Brazil There are many reasons responsible for the growth of the Brazilian property market today. Due to President Lula's progressive economic policies, Brazil has rapidly developed into a sound economy with a political and fiscal environment conducive to growth. Today, it offers one of the most promising investment properties across the world. Improved communication networks, and cheap direct flights from most European nations, have made Brazil one of the hotspots for not only the investors but also the tourists.

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Why timeshares are a bad investment

Other People Are Reading Buying a Timeshare Timeshare sellers often accost vacationers and convince them to attend a sales presentation based on a free gift or promotion. Most timeshare salespersons are extremely persuasive and pushy and will emphasize the benefits of buying a timeshare. However, salespersons will often neglect to mention some of the obligations associated with timeshare ownership. These obligations include paying taxes and maintenance fees on the timeshare, which can add up to thousands of dollars per year. Timeshare as an Investment You typically make an investment by utilizing a certain amount of money with the expectation of receiving a return on your investment.

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Why the world trade center fell

Back to Episode (Balaji. B/flickr/CC-BY-2. 0 ) What is the color of honey, and "faces pale with fear"? If you're Homer--one of the most influential poets in human history--that color is green. And the sea is "wine-dark," just like oxen. though sheep are violet. Which all sounds. well, really off. Producer Tim Howard introduces us to linguist Guy Deutscher. and the story of William Gladstone (a British Prime Minister back in the 1800s, and a huge Homer-ophile). Gladstone conducted an exhaustive study of every color reference in The Odyssey and The Iliad.

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