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How to change name on birth certificate in california

how to change name on birth certificate in california

Things You'll Need

Various costs. Fee waivers are available from California courts for those in need. Consult your local court for more information.


Go online to This site will have all the court documents you need discussed below.

Complete a Petition for Change of Name (Form NC-100) or a Change of Name and Gender (Form NC-200) if you are changing both name and gender. Also fill out an Attachment to Petition (Form NC-110). Make two copies (either NC-100 or NC-200 and NC-110) of each.

Complete an Order to Show Cause for Change of Name form (Form NC-120) or, if changing gender as well, fill out Order to Show Cause for Change of Name and Gender (Form NC-220). Make two copies of this document.

Check to see if you need to fill out any additional forms required by some local courts, such as a Criminal Background Information Form. Information on local forms can be found at

Complete a Civil Case Cover Sheet (Form CSM-010). If you are requesting a change of name and gender you must also have your doctor provide an affidavit certifying to the court that your have undergone a gender change. The doctor should use Form NC-210 or he can write his own statement.

Submit all your completed forms to the court clerk in the county where you reside.

Publish your Order to

Show Cause in a local newspaper (it must be a paper of "general circulation"; ask your local court which papers meet this standard). The order must be published once-a-week for four consecutive weeks.

Attend your court date, which will be sent to you in the form of a letter by the court. Be sure to bring proof of publication in the local newspaper of your Order to Show Cause. Also, print out either a copy of the Decree Changing Name (Form NC-130) or a Decree Changing Name and Gender (Form NC-230) -- depending on your request. The judge must sign this document.

Obtain a certified copy of the decree changing your name from the court clerk. This document is required for changing your birth certificate.

Get a VS-23 form (for name change) or VS-24 (for name and gender) from any local California registrar of births office. Fill it out and submit that document with a photocopy of your original birth certificate and a $20 check to the mailing address on the form. For correcting errors fill out the VS-24 form. Also include a notarized sworn statement regarding the claimed errors and omissions; hospital documentation (if the mistake was the hospital's fault); a photocopy of the parent's birth certificate (if the change involves the parent); and a copy of the current birth certificate.

Be patience. Your new birth certificate will be sent to you.

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