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How to Change Name on US Citizenship Certificate?

how to change name on citizenship certificate

What if you received your United States Citizenship certificate one month ago after naturalization ceremony and you decided that you do not like your name for whatever reason, how the name can be changed on the US citizenship certificate? Is it even possible to do that? Well it is possible to get your name changed on the US citizenship certificate but it can be a time consuming as well as costly process.

First you have to get your name changed legally. It is not that you decide that you are going to use a different name and called the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (CIS) to request the name change and it is done. No it does not happen like that. One more thing you cannot chose a name that is not permissible for example as being too racist.

You will have to file a petition in the local county court which handles the cases for name

change. You will have to prove that your motive to change name is not to evade law. You might need to give fingerprints in some states. The petition filing fee will also vary from state to state and may cost about $200. You pay the filing fee and file your petition.

You will get a date for court hearing. You must attend the court hearing and confirm all the information in the petition. If the petition is approved you will receive court order for name change.

You then will have to file Form N-565 Application for Replacement Naturalization/Citizenship Document for name change as a result of court order with USCIS. The filing fee for replacement of naturalization certificate is $345. If everything goes well, you will receive your new naturalization certificate with your new name.

So are you still thinking of changing your name just for fun and get it changed on your naturalization certificate?

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