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Naturalization ceremony+name change+passpo.

sfoboy85 09 Oct 2011


Hello People,

I am getting naturalized in a couple of days and - of course - besides all the excitement I am planning ahead. I am sure some of you have been in this situation before that is why I would like to ask what the answer is to my question?

With naturalization, I am changing my legal name. Which means from the day I become naturalized I will have a brand new name. Now, since I have to leave the country for business 10 days after my ceremony I am not sure how to handle things. Since at naturalization I have to surrender my Green Card, I will only have my foreign passport. I figured I will use the expedited services of Travisa or other companies who do overnight processing, still they (and the National Passport Center) ask for copies of both sides of your drivers license.

NOW! My DL will obviously be under my previous name at that time. It takes 1 day at the SSA to update everything,(then a weekend comes) then DMV takes about 1 week (in a lucky case) to get my

DL sent to my place. In this case, if I am lucky, I can get my DL before I leave the USA. Bad case I will not even get my DL. Since the NPC does not accept temporary documents (like the one you get when you change your DL (punched hole+temporary paper) I am clueless how to get it before I leave.

Question: Will the NPC accept the copies of my DL with my previous name (since the Naturalization certificate will show my previous and my new name I assume) or not?

Please help, thank you!

nwctzn 09 Oct 2011


One thing for sure: Once you are naturalized, you need to get your US passport for leaving/entering the US.

If things are really a mess and you cannot postpone your business trip, one option is that you can re-schedule your oath ceremony and travel with your greencard and foreign passport. You can then have your oath ceremony and your passport application afterwards once you are back and have all your documents like DL and your SSN updated with your new name.

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