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How to change the fathers name on a birth certificate

how to change the fathers name on a birth certificate

change fathers name on birth certificate

Originally Posted by Smarty Panties

I have no idea what the OP wants. I just went by what she said the bio father wanted.

In Washington state:

The father-child relationship is established between a child and a man by:

(a) An unrebutted presumption of the man's paternity of the child under RCW 26.26.116;

(b) The man's having signed an acknowledgment of paternity under RCW 26.26.300 through 26.26.375, unless the acknowledgment has been rescinded or successfully challenged;

(c) An adjudication of the man's paternity;

(d) Adoption of the child by the man;



Here, we have the unrebutted presumption (as set forth by the facts OP has given us). To get rid of that presumption, you must get rid of putative daddy by divorce since you cannot make a child of a marriage illegitimate. Then you must either have a lawsuit under c or and adoption under d to get the other guy to be the new daddy.

So, my advice should be amended to ". Divorce your husband. Your husband's parental rights need to be terminated. Then biological father can adopt child OR get biological father to file a paternity lawsuit. "

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