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How to compare Ohio homeowners insurance companies

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Shopping for insurance is not unlike shopping for anything else. You look for several places that offer it and compare what they offer with the price.  Although shopping for insurance can be off-putting, it’s smart to approach it the very same way.

First, make a list of must-haves.  What needs to be insured? Do you have art work that cost a lot of money? Or luxury brand jewelry that you want to include in your homeowners insurance policy?  What out of the ordinary things might you have that an insurer might not cover in a standard policy.

Does the company cover open perils or do they name perils out and limit coverage that way?  Some named perils might be fire, rainstorm, etc.  You need to understand exactly what they cover so that if something terrible happens, you have coverage.

What can you afford to pay?  It is a savvy consumer who looks for the most reasonable Ohio homeowners insurance quotes from  and compares them to see what looks like the best fit.

When  you’re sitting safe and dry in your home, customer service looks

like something you don’t have to be concerned with. But if a hurricane destroys your home, you want snappy service. You want someone you can talk to immediately about your loss and how to manage it. And for certain you want fast turnaround on claims so that you are not out of pocket huge sums of money.

That’s why you want to ask questions related to their service. How fast do they process claims? Is there a live person reachable 24/7? What is the process to follow in an emergency? All of these things should factor into your final choice of insurer.

Is the company one that replaces what’s lost or one that gives you cash value instead? They are not the same. Cash value takes depreciation into account, meaning you may not be able to replace the identical item without laying out your own money. You may have a preference, so find this out ahead of time.

Some companies were decimated by the huge number of payouts after big storms and may not be financially viable. Look them up  on the A.M. Best credit rating website to discover their financial stability. You certainly want a company that’s able to pay you if needed, not one that might go belly up any day.

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