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How to create a certificate in word

how to create a certificate in word

Electronic shipping tools

  • Create shipping labels for FedEx Express ®. FedEx Express ® Freight, FedEx Ground ®. FedEx Freight ®. FedEx Home Delivery ® and FedEx SmartPost ® shipments.
  • Schedule FedEx ® Address Checker to confirm addresses in the U.S. Canada and Puerto Rico, and determine if an address is commercial or residential.
  • Notify yourself, your recipient and others when:
    • Shipment information has been sent to FedEx.
    • The shipment has been picked up.
    • A critical shipping event has affected the shipment.
    • FedEx anticipates the shipment will be delivered.
    • The shipment has been delivered.
  • Generate FedEx Express and FedEx Ground return labels and tags, as well as FedEx SmartPost ® Returns labels, for your return-shipping needs.
  • Use Preferences to set defaults for the options and information you use most when shipping.
  • Store up to 300 Shipment Profiles for repeat shipments to the same address.
  • Create labels for multiple-piece shipments, up to 25 pieces, in one shipping transaction and track with only one tracking number.
  • Get courtesy rate quotes — both account-specific and standard list rates — for FedEx Express, FedEx Express Freight, FedEx Ground and FedEx Freight shipments.

FedEx Ship Manager В® Lite

FedEx Ship Manager Lite gives you a fast, easy way to ship your single-piece shipment. FedEx Ship Manager Lite provides:

  • Simplified step-by-step navigation that allows you to quickly complete your shipment and generate a label.
  • Rates, service options, delivery commitments and other key shipping information in an easy-to-use format.
  • Ability to "ship on the go" by accessing the application via a smartphone, tablet or PC. FedEx Ship Manager Lite adapts to fit the size and style of your device, so you will not experience any distortion in viewing your shipping information.
  • Ability for non-FedEx-account-holders to ship within the U.S. and U.S.-outbound, and pay via a credit card.
  • A streamlined international shipping experience. The number of fields required to complete an international shipment have been reduced significantly.
  • The option to have copies of your shipping label and Commercial Invoice sent to your email address for your records.

FedEx Ship Manager Lite cannot be used for the following shipments (please use FedEx Ship Manager ® at instead):

  • Multiple-piece shipments.
  • Shipments containing dangerous goods, hazardous materials or alcohol.
  • FedEx Express ® Freight and FedEx Freight ® shipments (shipments weighing more than 150 lbs./68 kgs.).
  • Items that are subject to International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR).
  • Shipments where the Terms of Sale or Importer of Record need to be changed.
  • Shipments that require additional customs documentation.
  • Single-commodity shipments with a declared value over $2,500 USD (U.S.-outbound only).
  • Items shipped with an export license/permit (U.S.-outbound only).

To get started using FedEx Ship Manager Lite:

  • Select "Create Shipment" from the Ship tab, then the FedEx Ship Manager Lite radio button.
  • Select "Ship Now with Credit Card" from the Quick Access menu at .

FedEx В® Mobile

With FedEx Mobile you can create shipping labels, track shipment status, find locations, and more from your mobile phone or web-enabled device.

  • Ship packages. Create and email shipping labels while on the go. You can also view your ship history and access your address book.
  • Create shipping labels. With Mobile Shipping Label you can create a shipment without ever needing a printer. Generate a barcode that can be scanned at the nearest FedEx Office location or FedEx World Service Center ® .
  • Track shipment status. Access up-to-date shipment-status details on your phone, without logging in. Find out when your shipments are in-transit, delivered, and even when there are exceptions. You can also nickname critical shipments.
  • Get rates and transit times. Obtain rate quotes and estimated delivery times while you're on the road.
  • Find locations. Find the nearest FedEx Express ® Drop Box or other FedEx shipping location — all without having to log in.
  • Schedule a pickup. Just enter your address and shipment information, and we'll come to you.

Go to the FedEx Mobile website to learn more and download apps for your mobile device.

FedEx Return Manager В®

FedEx Return Manager gives you the insight and power to manage returns effectively. Using a single web tool, you can improve the efficiency of your returns-management process, leading to reduced costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Simply log in to this user-friendly, return-centric application to manage all aspects of your return shipments, from scheduling to exception reporting to tracking. It's an ideal solution for e-tailers, manufacturers and distributors, pharmaceutical and medical firms, and the finance and mortgage industries.

  • Initiate returns with the convenience of the web.
  • Receive return-shipment exception notifications (e.g. packages not picked up).
  • Identify trends and forecast with greater accuracy using customized reports.
  • Keep orders moving with helpful automation features that provide increased visibility and other benefits.

FedEx Return Manager is available for shipments sent throughout all 50 states. For more information, view the FedEx Return Manager demo. then contact your FedEx account executive for details. В® Integration Manager

If your small business or e-commerce company sells items on multiple online channels, Integration Manager can help you consolidate and streamline. It aggregates all your orders received across various channels — such as eBay ®. Amazon ®. QuickBooks TM Online and others — for seamless order review, shipment processing and label creation.

Simply set up your web store by entering your e-commerce providers’ account information, and Integration Manager will automatically gather and consolidate your orders. With this solution you can:

  • Review and process shipments from a single, consolidated location.
  • Decrease manual data entry and reduce shipping errors.
  • Receive tracking numbers automatically in your e-commerce store.
  • Use your existing account-specific rates, or select FedEx One Rate ® pricing for your FedEx Express ® package shipments.

For more information on Integration Manager, go to .

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