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How To Create An Insurance Company And Get Rich Quick?

how to create an insurance company

Day today suggests that stand on a par with major employers and proudly call myself a businessman just incredibly difficult. All areas of profitable operations have long been captured. Need to invest is not small money, get insanely huge number of different kinds of certificates, to issue mandatory for the selected type of activity documentation. In the next step: the selection of professional staff, search and registration office space. And even if all this and be able to properly do, it remains perhaps the most important point to develop your business can not everyone.

Today is guaranteed to have a successful business is extremely difficult, the slightest omission or neglect of some trifles and the risk of losing nearly that well-functioning business grows exponentially. Is it possible to find the optimal solution for creating your own business on the criterion of "guaranteed reliability - lowest costs on - the maximum profit"? Current opinion: - This is fantastic! It just can not be, as there can be no such business - criterion.

Do not forget we live in Stunning World, the smart, enterprising and highly talented people and the fact

that for many seems fantastic, we often - everyday reality.

So this time, it offers even more simple, however, advanced, cost-effective and highly relevant idea of ​​creating your own full and profitable business to create its own as an "insurance company".

Well, that's somehow become attached to the soul Sergey large and small outlets gastronomic orientation. And one day, replenishing goods in one of its profitable stores of five baskets, he became a witness impartial communication between the buyer and the furious the store owner. Buyer required to return the money for a loaf of sausage, which he brought from home after shopping in this store. From his point of view, the product was defective. From an administrator's perspective - everything was in order.

When the dust settled, Sergei talked with sellers, and then the administrator and found that for certain types of food such cases is quite commonplace and occur with surprising regularity. Any store has a fund to cover the cost of paper spoilage, but "sometimes" these products in the shopping cart yet fall. So was born his idea to create their own insurance company "Apple".

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