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How do i find my birth certificate number

how do i find my birth certificate number

Off Topic Messages >Find out how much your birth certificate is worth.

Check this out people, I know that this is a hard pill to swallow but it is all very true. I had a hard time believing this too when I first found out. I have since been down a long road since that day and have learned how to get remedy for the use of my property. The birth certifcate bond is real, very real it all started when the boyz got together on that secret little island to decide on how to control us, especially the slaves when they thought that they let them go. They were actually signing a bond to their former slave owners to make money off of them on the stock exchange in the form of a mutual fund.

Also same thing is true with your social security card, just look on the back of your card and look at the red or blue numbers on your card, what the hell are those numbers for? Isn't YOUR SSN just YOUR number. therefore no need for any other numbers right? I am know it all seems crazy but you and I have all been in the REAL MATRIX and now the awakening is happening right before your eyes.

I first wanted to kill but then I realized how stupid that would of been so I educated myself on how to become my own individual person and have all the rights that go along with it but filing a UCC-1 10q lien and becoming a SPC (Secured Party Creditor). In short because these clowns have been using me every since I started to breathe and got my mother to sign for a birth certificate I

and you are being used. Fidelity won't let you look it up any longer, they caught on to it. This information would crumble our weak and fragile economy so there is remedy for this. I will tell you this search this information out. You can't make new debt but with my filing status I have wiped out student loans, child support and some stupid credit card debt using something else you probably didn't even knew existed called A4V or Accepted For Value. Now even a more powerful method is being incorporated to wipe out all and any debt you may have or make in the future called Rapture Capture.

So is this real? You bet it is, go to you tube and check it out. Can you get the same results? Heck yeah, but I warn you. this is a longgg and winding road full of thinking and responsibilty taking for yourself. so the weak at heart and the lazy probably may wanna keep on doing what your doing. Being Sheeple. Peace and get free. Fight the good fight .

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OK so. If everyone's birth certificates are worth so much then why cant anyone "cash them in" and if this is some kind of conspiracy to keep the stock exchange afloat, and everyone did suddenly discover that they could begin to of set checks and charges against these funds, then it would be the equivalent of hyperinflation. Personally I feel this is yet more internet hearsay and I assure you I am more than adequate at the use of the internet, which surprisingly is also monitored checked and filtered, so anything the powers that be don't want us to really no, we will not know.

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