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How to create certificate

how to create certificate

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SoapUI is one of the best free tools around to test web services. Some time ago I was trying to send a soap message towards a SSL web service that was set up for client certificate authentication. I pretty soon got stuck at the “ HelloRequest followed by an unexpected handshake message” error, but after reading several posts on the internet I solved that issue. It’s not really that complicated after all, but since I could not find a decent place on the internet that explains this scenario in a proper way, here’s a list of steps that you need to do to make it work.

Note. the following steps are based on a Windows environment

And export it as a PFX file to a location somewhere on disk:



Step two:

Install the newest version of SOAP UI (currently it is 3.6.1)

Open the file C:\Program Files\eviware\soapUI-3.6.1\bin\ soapUI-3.6.1.vmoptions and add this line at the bottom:

This is needed because of a JAVA security feature in their newest frameworks (For further reading about this issue, read this: and this: ).

Open SOAPUI and go to preferences>SSL Settings and configure your certificate in the keystore (use the same password as in step one):


That should be it. Just create a new project and import the WSDL from the client authenticated SSL webservice:


And now you should be able to send soap messages with client certificate authentication.

The above steps worked for me, but please drop a note if it does not work for you.

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