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How to create digital certificates

how to create digital certificates


How to create and import digital certificates for GroupWise.


Novell Certificate Server 2.0x.

Novell GroupWise Enhancement Pack.

Novell GroupWise 32-bit Client

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later.


After installing and configuring the Novell Certificate Server:

1. Load up ConsoleOne with the Certificate Server snapins.

2. Double-click on the user who is to be given a certificate.

3. Click once on the Security tab.

4. Click Create.

5. Name the certificate, and select the Custom creation method, then click Next.

6. Verify the Certificate Authority and the server are correct, and click Next.

7. Change the key size to 512bit if using 56bit IE5.x, 1024 should be ok with 128bit IE5.x. It should default to an Unspecified Type, this is ok, click Next.

8. Verify the certificate parameters and modify if necessary, then click Next.

9. If the information is correct, click Finish.

10. Login as the user whose certificate was just created.

11. Using ConsoleOne with the certificate snapins, or the Certificate Console utility, export the certificate.

12. In ConsoleOne, double-click on the user object, select the Security tab.

13. Select the certificate that was previously generated, and click Export.

14. Select Yes

to export the private key with the certificate, then click Next.

15. Check the "Include all certificates in the certification path if available, if not already checked; browse to a location to place the certificate file (this will be imported into GW later); and type in the password to assign to the file (this will be used when importing the certificate into GW); then click Next.

16. Note the path/filename where the certificate file will be created, then click Finish. You can now exit ConsoleOne/Certificate Console.

17. Startup the user's GroupWise client, select the TOOLS|OPTIONS menu, then double-click Certificates.

18. On the My Certificates tab, click the Import button.

19. Browse to the certificate file created by the ConsoleOne/Certificate Console Export utility, and double-click on it and type in the password assigned during the export process.

20. This should add the certificate to the GroupWise account, and display a message that it was successful.

21. Select the imported certificate and click Set As Default. This should check the checkbox next to the certificate.

22. Exit and restart the GroupWise client, and confirm the checkbox is still there in TOOLS|OPTIONS|CERTIFICATES|My Certificates tab.

23. Exit the OPTIONS dialog and begin using the certificate to send Digitally Signed and/or Encrypted messages.

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