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How to Choose a Resume Writing Service

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By Alison Doyle. Job Searching Expert

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A resume writing service can help you create a professional resume that reflects your skills and qualifications. A well-written resume can be the key to connecting positively with a potential employer, and can make the difference in getting selected for a job interview - or not.

How to Review Resume Writing Services

The other important factor was choosing a resume writer who is a good fit. That means taking the time to talk to professional resume writers, review sample resumes, check references, and to be sure you're hiring an individual you're comfortable working with.

Get a Guarantee

Be sure that someone from the service will get to know you well enough to produce a resume that not only sounds good but accurately reflects your actual background. Ideally this will involve an interview with your writer and the opportunity to get back in touch with them after they create their first draft for further dialogue and revisions.

A satisfaction guarantee that ensures that the process doesn't end until you are happy with your document is another safeguard.

Carefully evaluate at least several resume writing services before selecting a resume writer, so you're making an informed decision on who you're hiring.

Resume writing certifications include:

  • Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW)
  • Certified Expert Resume Writer (CERW)
  • Master Resume Writer (MRW)
  • Nationally Certified Resume Writer (NCRW)

Expert Tips for Choosing a Resume Writing Service

Ask About Years of Paid Resume Writing Experience / Continuous Learning. Ask about the writer’s years of paid professional experience in resume writing.

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Master Resume Writers are required to have a minimum of 5 years’ paid resume writing experience before ever entering into the twofold credentialing process: 1) submitting a pithy writing portfolio and strategy; and 2) sitting for the rigorous business writing/grammar exam; they then must recertify every two years, proving commitment to continuous learning, writing excellence and up-to-the-minute resume writing strategy.

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, MRW, Chief Career Writer / Strategist / President – Career Trend

Ask about Guarantees. Personally, I think all writers should offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. But

most are not willing to go quite that far so you may have to settle for less - at the very least, your writer should promise to rework your resume as many times as possible to ensure your satisfaction.

Louise Fletcher, CPRW, Blue Sky Resumes

Check Testimonials on LinkedIn. LinkedIn testimonials can’t be fudged because the site allows you to click through as see who wrote the reference. To see them, you must be a member but it’s quick and easy to sign up. Don’t hire a writer who doesn’t have glowing testimonials.

Louise Fletcher, CPRW, Blue Sky Resumes

Choose a Professional Resume Writing Service. Look for a resume writing service that is part of a professional resume writing organization and check to see if their membership is current.

Lucilla Feliciano, NRWA, Resume Writer/Consultant, CIMA Services

Ensure a Good Fit. Ask about qualifications and experience and chat with the resume writer before you hire them to a ensure good fit for your needs.

Shahrzad Arasteh, M.A. CPRW, Career Consulting Services

Invest the Time. Choose a service that invests the time to truly understand your background and accomplishments to turn out a professional resume that represents you effectively. You also want a service where every resume is not done in a cookie cutter fashion so that every one of them sounds and looks the same when it reaches a potential employer.

Susan Heathfield, Guide to Human Resources

Review Resume Writing Processes. Ask about the resume writer’s processes – deeper (sometimes longer) processes will net more meaningful results in your job search. It’s about quality versus speed, in my opinion. The resume service should include well honed processes, clarify and reinforce your unique value proposition through written exercises and one-on-one conversations with your writer and refine your target focus – this is as vital as the resume deliverable, according to my clients.

Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, MRW, Chief Career Writer / Strategist / President – Career Trend

Review Samples. Look carefully at resume samples to discern the extent of the writer's business knowledge. A clear strategy and brand message should be evident on each resume, plus a keen understanding of the industry and career goal.

Laura Smith-Proulx, CCMC, CPRW, CIC, Executive Director, Triple-Certified, Published Global Expert and Job Search Coach

Select Social Media Aptitude. Check with each writer to find out if they offer tools and tips to assist you with social media. If they can develop a lasting presence for themselves, they'll have a better chance of assisting you with the type of campaign needed in today's competitive market.

Laura Smith-Proulx, CCMC, CPRW, CIC, Executive Director, Triple-Certified, Published Global Expert and Job Search Coach

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