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How to do insurance fraud

how to do insurance fraud



The goal of Insurance Fraud is to commit the most damage to yourself by prat-falling into oncoming vehicles and earning the specified amount of money for that level.

Saints Row

In Saints Row there are three Insurance Fraud locations: one for each gang. They each start out with a brief cutscene that involves The Protagonist and another person who explains what to do and convinces The Protagonist to commit to the activity. Each location consists of 8 levels that become progressively challenging as The Protagonist is required to earn more money each time they complete a level. The Protagonist only becomes invincible to fall damage and vehicle damage during this mission if they first take a pratfall. Unintentional collisions do not yield rewards.

Unlike Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third. in Saints Row bonuses are earned for getting hit by civil vehicles (Ambulance. Five-O. etc), by getting more air time, for getting launched further and for special circumstances such

as being ejected from a vehicle or being witnessed by pedestrians or authorities. This allows for big bonuses and high fall scores as each bonus is multiplicative.

The easiest ways to earn money during Insurance Fraud in Saints Row is to play near or on the highway, to be ejected from a Five-O, to be ejected from a vehicle by colliding with a Five-O or Ambulance, or to be hit with the El Train.


Raymond Gonzales

Dr. Raymond Gonzales. "Nice to meet you, I'm Doctor Raymond Gonzales. I do a lot of consulting for this law firm. and my testimony in court has cost insurance companies millions. Here's the way it works: you throw yourself in harms way, I write a totally accurate insurance claim and we all walk away a hell of a lot richer. Almost sounds too good to be true right? " how to do insurance fraud

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