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Dedicated to understanding and implementing Best Practices in Medical Billing, this resource focuses on Claim Denial Management with practical how-to-do-it insights and tips from veteran billers. It addresses in depth each aspect of the medical billing cycle: Pre-visit Screening, Understanding Coverage, Check-in, Coding Essentials, Claim Management, Working the Revenue Cycle, Denials & Appeals, and Collections; along with an overview of 'what is medical billing' for new comers.

What is Medical Billing & How To Do It!


Medical billing encompasses all the activities required for doctors or other healthcare practitioners to get paid by either the patient or reimbursed by an insurance carrier. Most ostensibly it involves the preparing of medical claims to be sent to health benefit payers such as Medicare, Medicaid, BlueCross or BlueShield, etc.

Submitting medical claims to an insurance carrier

and managing the overall claim process is more complicated than filing someone's Federal Income Taxes; as there can be more than five different entities sharing the responsibility to pay for the medical treatment of a patient!

While it can take time and experience to become a good medical biller, it's helpful if one begins with a clear grasp of what a 'Medical Biller' is supposed to do, and how they are supposed do it. This series of ten articles takes an in-depth view at how the best medical practices view, organize and execute the tasks associated with the entire medical billing process. For folks who like diagrams, here's a easy schematic depicting just how involved the whole medical billing revenue cycle can be.

The 10 Best Practices Every

Medical Biller Should Know!

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