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How to do net certification

how to do net certification

How To Do CE Self-Certification: The Definite Course

CE self-certification can dramatically reduce the costs of CE marking and accelerate the time to market of your product. But the requirements and procedures can be complex. This engaging, self-guided online course that we present you today guides you through the CE process from A to Z, and provides you with templates and checklists that ensure you reach results fast.

Compliance with CE regulations opens one of the most profitable markets. But lack of understanding the rules and the costly and time-intensive certification process can make the EU appear like an impenetrable fortress. ‘How to Do CE Self-Certification: The Definite Course’ gives you everything you need to know about self-certification, including determining applicable requirements, conformity assessment and drawing up the Technical File, and delivering it in a flexible format that fits your schedule.

Based on my legislative work and insights gained in more than 20

years of assisting small and medium sized companies, the 6 modules and 54 downloadable resources will give you skills you can apply immediately, as well as a new perspective that will forever change the way you do business in Europe. You will learn the principles at your own pace and terms. Each module is packed with videos, helpful visuals and insights. And throughout the process you’ll put your learning into practice on your own CE file.

Let my online course transform your product compliance. Because being busy should not keep you from being better.

The course is easy to use and easy to implement. No special knowledge is required. The information is offered in concise actionable steps. You also get a full set tools and guidance documents, and the same checklists and templates that our consultants use themselves. This approach helps you reach results as early as a few days after you start.

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