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Can I Earn a Teaching Credential Online?

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With all the stresses involved, online education isn't the right choice for everyone that wants to teach. Here are the most asked questions interested students ask about earning a teaching credential online:

Instead of paying tuition for their classroom experience, they earn money from the school. Getting a job as a private school teacher without a credential is often the easiest, since private schools aren’t bound by the same regulations as public schools. However, many public schools are so desperate for teachers that they are able to employ new teachers with bachelor’s degrees as long as the employees are working on earning a teaching credential. There are a few downsides to formal teaching while working towards an online teaching credential.

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First, you’re bound to find yourself extremely busy. New teachers are often overwhelmed with lesson plan development, which can be difficult to juggle while you’re working on lengthy papers for your credential. Second, your credentialing program will probably require your employer to meet certain requirements such as providing you with a master teacher and supervision. An uncooperative school can be particularly troublesome. Always make sure that the credentialing program you choose is of the highest quality and offers credentials in your state. Even if your coursework is online, an out-of-state credential could pose a major problem to future employment.

Can I earn the credential online if I have no teaching experience? Yes, it is also possible to earn a credential online without your own classroom. In this case, you will probably want to choose a credentialing program within your state that has student teaching agreements with schools in driving distance from your home. Through the internet, you’ll be assigned various

readings about education and will likely be asked to participate in virtual discussions, complete homework assignments, and write papers. While your coursework will be conducted through the internet, you will probably be required to spend a significant amount of time in actual classrooms. At first, you’ll log hours observing various classes and reporting on your experiences. After this observation period, you’ll likely be assigned an experienced master teacher who will help you plan lessons and even teach courses with supervision. Unfortunately, most programs don't cater to students interested in teaching online .

Does it matter what state the online teaching credential program is located in? While many online programs work for students throughout the nation, credentialing programs are different. Most states require that students are credentialed within the state itself and do not accept credentials from other states outright. Make sure the program you select can help you earn a credential from your own state of residence.

If I want to move out of my state, will my online teaching credential move with me? If you move, your credential will not automatically be valid in another state, which is why you need to select your program carefully. All states have their own requirements. However, you may be able to become credentialed in another state by showing your existing credentials and taking exams, completing additional on-campus training, or enrolling in additional courses. Check with your state to see if there are any inter-state agreements that can help with your move.

Earning a teaching credential online is a lot more hands-on than most distance learning programs. However, many teachers appreciate the time and flexibility they have to complete their studies while working in a classroom.

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