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How to file for unemployment insurance

how to file for unemployment insurance

Division of Unemployment Insurance Regulations

The Top 5 Things An Employer Should Know About the Unemployment Insurance System

Online Submission of Employee Separation Information Now Available

The Delaware Division of Unemployment Insurance is pleased to inform employers that you now have the option to submit employee separation information online to the division when a claim for unemployment insurance benefits has been filed against your business.

SIDES (State Information Data Exchange System) and SIDES E-Response was developed through a strategic partnership between the U.S. Department of Labor (USDOL) and state unemployment insurance agencies.

Both SIDES and SIDES E-Response are designed to meet the unique needs of businesses large and small. For employers with a limited number of UI claims, the SIDES E-Response website provides an easy and efficient way to respond to information requests from state unemployment insurance agencies. For employers and third party administrators (TPAs) that handle a large volume of unemployment insurance claim information requests, SIDES provides an automated, computer-to-computer interface between employers' and TPAs' IT systems and state agency networks.

SIDES and SIDES E-Response offer many benefits that will help your company simplify and streamline responses to unemployment insurance claim information requests:

  • Free of charge - Both systems are offered free of charge to employers and TPAs.
  • Secure - Both systems have multiple layers of security that are implemented to the highest standard to protect the sensitive data exchanged between the state unemployment insurance agency and employers and TPAs.
  • Reduce administrative costs - Both systems reduce the volume of time-consuming follow-up phone calls, unnecessary appeals, postage costs, paper work and staff resources.
  • Save time - Both systems are electronic, eliminating delays related to paper mail delivery, reducing paper handling, and ensuring information requests are fully completed.

How does SIDES or SIDES E-Response Work?

  • When a claim for unemployment insurance benefits is filed, the claimant provides the employer's name and the system matches that employer's unemployment insurance account number to the division's Employer Address file. If the employer has elected to participate in the SIDES or SIDES E-Response program, the claimant's information is processed. For SIDES, the employer or the employer's TPA (whichever is

    applicable) will be notified through their system. For SIDES E-Response, an email is sent to the employer that will contain a link to the SIDES E-Response website along with a password to access the electronic separation information for the employee.

  • Upon accessing the SIDES or the SIDES E-Response website, the employer then enters the information requested and electronically submits a response that will be returned to the division.
  • The employer has the capability to print their UC-119C responses and/or save them to their computer.

How does an employer elect to participate in SIDES or SIDES E-Response?

  • An employer needs to register with the Division of Unemployment Insurance using the following website: .
  • On the first visit, a system administrator account needs to be established - the employer's Delaware unemployment insurance account number and the employer's FEIN are required to create this account.
  • When the account is created, the system administrator will receive an email with credentials to access the system to enter the UC-119C mailing address and email address. The email address is critical for this system because that is how the employer is notified that an employee has filed a claim for unemployment insurance benefits. This email will contain the link to the Delaware E-Response website and a password to access the electronic version of the UC-119C (Separation Reason Form).
  • For those employers who use a participating SIDES TPA, select the TPA from the TPA drop-down list and the mailing address will be populated automatically.
  • he system administrator can designate up to two other staff members within their organization as a back-up system administrator. At this time, this role is only able to add/update the UC-119C address information.

Finally, although participation in the use of SIDES or SIDES E-Response is voluntary (an employer can choose to continue to be sent a paper form UC-119C when a claim for unemployment insurance benefits is filed), the division strongly encourages employers to participate in SIDES or SIDES E-Response.

If you have any questions about accessing SIDES or SIDES E-Response, please contact the division by email at .

A short informational video is available: SIDES Employer Messaging

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