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How to find a good insurance agent

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Intro: When deciding on an insurance agent, you must decide between an independent agent and a contract agent. Follow these steps to find a good insurance agent.

Step 1: To find a good insurance agent, I recommend that you speak with at least 4 different agents. Comparing prices and policies is very important when looking for insurance.

Step 2: When meeting with an agent, pay attention to their office and their staff. Both the office and staff should be very professional. Ask for and check with the insurance agents references. Ask the reference what they like and dislike about the insurance agent and company.

Step 3: To find a good insurance agent, make sure the agency has an A or A++ rating from Best. A

good rating shows that the insurance company offering the policy has a good reputation.

Step 4: Work with an agent who is trying to sell you what you need and can afford, not extra stuff that the agent wants to sell you. Remember, the more the agents sell you, the more money they will make.

Step 5: After you get prices or a proposal, make sure you get a print out which you can keep. After speaking with a few insurance agents, you can lay out each print out side by side and easily weigh your options.

Tips: To find a good insurance agent, compare professionalism, prices, and company ratings.

A good insurance agent will not only ask a lot of questions but will listen to your answers.

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