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How to find a marriage certificate

how to find a marriage certificate

Marriage Certificate Search Online

Did you know that it is possible to do a marriage certificate search online and see the public records for marriage certificates from different states? You can see just about any marriage certificate from any state provided you have enough information to do your search.

It’s also possible to retrieve your own marriage certificate through online resources when you know where to look and how. There are different reasons why you may need to get a new copy of your certificate. One of the most common reasons is that it was lost in a move. Fire and other disasters are some other reasons why this happens.

The Internet is making our lives easier in a variety of ways. One of these is the option for public record searches online. In the past, it was much more difficult to get information about marriages, divorces and other public records. In some cases, it might even be impossible if you didn’t live in the area where the records are kept.

Now it’s as simple as logging onto your computer with the right information. You can have marriage records in your hand quicker than ever before when you search an online database. It’s possible to get your own records, look up records for someone else or even check the backstory of someone you may be thinking about marrying. This information is public so anyone has the right to look for it and you do not have to provide details about yourself or why you want the information. This means it is completely


Some states actually have different types of marriage certificates. Some states have public and private marriage certificates. A private marriage certificate, you will not be able to get access to unless you are one of the people listed on the certificate. There are also different types of information listed on the different marriage certificates.

Some things that may be included on the marriage certificate are:

  • Names of the two who are married
  • Date of the marriage
  • Location of the marriage
  • Who presided over the marriage
  • Witnesses

Again, the exact details of a marriage certificate can vary from state to state as each state has different laws regarding which details will be listed on the official certificates. Usually there will be a seal or stamp of some type to show that the certificate is real and legal. Non-official copies of the marriage certificate will not contain this.

It’s very difficult to get records of these private marriage certificates. Some people make their marriage records private for this very reason. However, the majority of people don’t even know you can make these records private, live in a state that doesn’t allow this option or just don’t care whether they are private or not.

This means if you want to do a marriage certificate search online, it’s very likely you will be able to find the information you’re looking for. Be sure you search from a qualified, dependable database and you can be confident in the information you receive about marriage certificates.

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