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How to find birth certificate

how to find birth certificate

Thanks for your quick response time and service!

The Fortune 500 could take a lesson from y'all in customer service!

I am very happy with your service and turn around.

Thanks Again!

D. McDavid

I tried using one of those $19.99 birth certificates sites, what a ripoff they are! They aren't even in the United States and they don't even get birth certificates. I found your site and it is easy to use and your employees are very helpful and courteous. I got my birth certificate quickly and believe your service is a great value.

Thank you very much,

Janet H.

Thank You for your quick and complete service! I received my birth certificate on Tuesday, just three business days after I placed my order! I was so impressed with your continuous communication with me throughout the process. I was never concerned that my order had been forgotten or lost.

You have a customer for life and I will tell everyone of your amazing service.

Thanks! Les

Hello there, I just used your service for a copy of my birth certificate, I am pleased to announce the outstanding service your company provided. I am getting ready to travel abroad, and realized i needed a copy of my birth certificate for my passport. You were prompt, and delivered within days. Thank you, and I have forwarded your website to all my clients and friends and family, so they too can get vital documents with out having to go thru all the red tape thru the state departments, local govts. ect. JOB WELL DONE !



Dear birthcertificate,

I don't know if you have a place for testimonials, but I have to let you

know how pleased I was with your service.

I planned a vacation for my wife in Mexico only to find the birth

certificate that I had used all my life was not an original copy. With very

few days to spare I contacted California, the state of my birth only to

learn of a 6 to 8 week return on birth certificates. I came across your

web page on search, knowing I was spending lots more money, my fault for

lack of preparation, I took a chance. I faxed my request on June 17th,

needing to leave town on the 23rd. I cannot explain the relief on the 22nd

when Fed Ex delivered an original state sealed copy of my original

certificate, that even included information the one I had didn't have on it.

Thanks a million, a very satified customer

On Friday morning I realized I did not have raised seal birth certificates for my three sons--putting our family trip to the islands in peril. In a panic, I called your company and was told that you could get me the documents in time. I faxed my request to you on Friday at 10:00 a.m. and received the documents at 8:30 a.m. on Monday morning. Incredible! I also appreciated the great customer service I received from Fawn. She was friendly, well informed and able to work a small miracle. Thanks so much for your help--it is unusual to have a company exceed your expectations. I will recommend you to everyone we know.

I just wanted to say thank you again for all the help you gave me in getting my son's birth certificate. We recently moved to Texas from Pennsylvania and my son needed his birth certificate to prove his age for Little League Baseball. Unfortunately, I didn't bring our original with us to Texas, so it was panic time. So you should be glad to know that you helped a little ten year old boy make the team! I was surprised at how quickly the certificate arrived to our home. We appreciate all you did and how pleasant you were on the phone. You are a true asset to your organization.



To: Business Owner

From: T. Austin Graham


Austin Graham Inc.

I wish to inform you that the interactions that I have had in procuring both a

Birth Certificate and Passport from your company have been extremely professional, patient, and enjoyable. Another company I attempted to work with, and probably a competitor, would not even return my calls, a most concerning development based on a very narrow time constraint and the anxiety it creates.

I have had the pleasure to be working with a gentleman named Ross. He has been extremely polite, intelligent, reassuring and conducted himself as I would have all my 20 service reps and office staff do.

I'm not in the habit of taking the time to send letters of acknowledgement in that I expect professionalism from all those that we conduct business. But on this Friday the 13th, and the joy that I have knowing that I will have a Passport in time for my scheduled and mandatory and upcoming trip, I am very glad to have done so.

In closing I would have to also salute you, the principal, for the excellence, sophistication and user-friendliness of your product and selection of your staff.

Kind Regards

T. Austin Graham

I would like to commend you on your staff, in particular Ross.

Both of whom have helped me in the past four days tremendously in

getting my paper work in order, as well as expediting my request. I will be

traveling extensively with Norwegian Cruise Line and I need my papers in

order quickly. The customer service your people have provided have made this

Norwegian Cruise Line

I would just like to give your company a huge THANK

YOU! I booked an overseas vacation and needed my

birth certificate from California in 3 weeks or less

and I now live outside California. I was shocked and

deflated to find how long it would take to process my

request normally from the State of California. I

thought for sure I would need to cancel my vacation

called the Vital Records folks in Ga. they said maybe 12 to 14 days. and

that was after I had to go get a money order or certified check since they

did not take credit cards.

Thank Goodness I found your web site. We just moved and could not find that

document anywhere. We are really looking forward to the cruise now. now we

know I can board as well :) Bon Voyage!

Thanks Again,


Just Amazing is all I can say for your service.

I used both your Birth Certificate and Passport Service to get an official copy of my Birth certificate and an extension of my limited Passport.

Turn-a-round time on my Birth certificate was 4 days and only two days on my passport.

No Pain, No hassle. This is a great process and service, one that should be implemented by each state.

Of course that will never happen so, I will highly recommend your services to all my friends and contacts.

Thank you for your great service.

With Regards,


I wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with the service your company provides. I recently moved and in the move lost some very important documents. One of them being my birth certificate. I did not know I lost it until Monday of this week and I leave for vacation this Saturday. I was afraid I would have to cancel because I was born in Vermont and live in Virginia. I placed my request yesterday, Tuesday, afternoon and FEDEX delivered my birth certificate to my office this morning, Wednesday. Amazing!!

Not only does this very speedy turn around allow me to take the much needed vacation but I also will not lose any more sleep worrying about it.

Thank you and I would recommend this service to anyone in need of a birth certificate in a short period of time.



One day after we requested replacements for our lost Birth Certificates from

your company, they arrived at our door!

You should patent your Customer Service!

I know a lot of organizations that could learn something from you!

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