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How To Find Group Dental Insurance

how to find dental insurance

The cost of dental care keeps rising. More and more employers are choosing not to offer dental coverage as part of their benefits package. And buying an individual plan isn’t always affordable.

What Is Group Dental Insurance?

Group dental insurance covers a group of people under one policy. The people covered under a group policy have some sort of official relationship. Group insurance is usually purchased by professional associations, by labor unions, or by fraternal organizations.

Group dental insurance offers a great way to save money because it lets people pool their purchasing power to acquire one policy. When participating in a group dental policy, you can expect to get the same coverage you would get in an individual policy. You can also expect to pay a lot less than you would with an individual policy.

What To Consider When Buying Group Dental Insurance

Many factors need to be considered when purchasing group dental insurance. Before you decide on a policy, think about:

  • The size of your

    organization. The more people involved in the purchase of a group policy, the better the coverage and savings everyone will receive.

  • The amount of coverage your organization requires. Within any organization, people will have different dental needs. The group policy should accommodate these different needs, but also be affordable for the organization’s members.
  • Type of plan. Most dental plans can be classified as Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans or Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans. A PPO plan offers greater savings as an incentive to use the services of dentists within its network. An HMO plan will not cover any charges if you use a dentist outside their network. There are also Open Panel plans, which allow you to choose any dentist.

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