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Is there a website to find out if someone has vehicle insurance?

how to find if a car is insured

We are not currently aware of any website where you can go to look up if a car or person has auto insurance covering them.

State laws and procedures for finding out if a person or car is insured differs but normally one can go through some state agency to find out if a person has insurance. If you want to see if a certain car is insured some Department of Motor Vehicles may be able to give you this information if you have a license plate or VIN for the vehicle. In some states the DMV might steer you towards another state agency to contact.

In other states you will need to contact the state's insurance regulatory agency (DOI) with the information you have on a person and their vehicle and try to receive insurance information for that person.

Normally people are searching for insurance information after an accident. For example in Florida if you contact the Bureau of Financial Responsibility with a crash report they should research and reply to you within 10 days. In California you can request the insurance information by contacting the DMV's Financial Responsibility Unit and submitting a form after an accident.

In New York you fill out form FS-25 which

is a Request for Insurance Information for NY Registrants Involved in an Accident and is available on the NYS DMV web site. You then send in the form with a $10 fee and the DMV will try to verify the insurance coverage of the vehicle.

As time goes by there may be easier ways in which to confirm insurance on a car and/or driver. For instance in Connecticut they recently went online with a way for drivers to verify that cars are properly registered. No personal information, such as names and addresses, are disclosed.

In time states may set up websites that allow you to check to make sure a vehicle is insured. Until that is possible, contact your DMV and explain the reason you need to check on the insurance of a vehicle or person. They should either be able to help you or point you toward the state agency that can.

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