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How to fix security certificate errors

how to fix security certificate errors


It is natural to want to back away from any site the moment that you see some sort of website security certificate error. However just because there is a certificate error it doesn’t mean that the website you are visiting is actually dangerous to visit.

There are a wide range of certificate errors and, as I found out today just when feeling particularly pleased with myself for finally getting all of my social sharing buttons how I like them (see yesterdays post for more on this) I suddenly discovered that my site was producing some sort of invalid security certificate error when I accessed it on my Smartphone.

Now when I say “Smartphone” you should not be thinking that I own some fancy piece of kit. In reality my Smartphone is really more a “Dumbphone” if I can phrase it that way, as it is the cheapest and least sophisticated Smartphone I could find from Vodafone (Its a Vodafone 858 Smartphone, if you’re really interested).

It could simply be that my phone is lacking in some way, which wouldn’t surprise me, although I had installed the latest updates available for my phone, and that when I accessed my site through it the Security certificate problem was due to a fault or some other issue with the phone

rather than the actual website itself, but I didn’t want to take that risk.

There can be nothing more off-putting to a potential visitor to my website using a cheaper Smartphone like this than a damn big security warning message!

So for that reason I realized that I had to find a fix quickly. I knew (from the warning message, which I will post below for you) that the warning message was directly related to the social media sharing buttons that I had just installed on the site, and so that give me a head start to fixing the certificate error.

There usually might not be a quick certificate errors fix unless it is related to something simple like this that you can control easily by simply changing sharing buttons code (which I eventually did), but then as I said earlier in this post, not all security certificate errors are serious issues and are often more of a technicality than anything else.

I will show you the message so that you know how to deal with it if you discover it on your own site. The following bolded text is posted exactly as it appeared from the Facebook certificate error displayed on my Smartphone:

This certificate is not from a trusted source.

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