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How Do I Get a Birth Certificate for My New Child?

how do i get a birth certificate for my baby

The birth of a baby is a wonderful time for everyone involved. Along with all the celebrating, parents must remember to register the birth in order to obtain the baby's birth certificate. Birth certificates are needed throughout life for many reasons, such as enrolling in school, obtaining a driver's license and getting married.

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Hospital birth or birth by physcian or midwife

Complete the forms that are provided to you at the hospital or by the physician or midwife after the birth. Most state laws require hospitals, physicians and midwives to provide these forms to you.

Review the forms for accuracy. Sign the forms.

Wait four to six weeks for the hospital, physician or midwife to submit

the forms to the Department of Health as required by law and for the Department of Health to process the forms.

Apply via mail, online or in person to the Office of Vital Records in your state for a certified copy of the birth certificate. Supply information on the application regarding the identity of the child, such as name, date of birth and place of birth, as well as proof of your identity--usually through a state issued photo identification. Pay the required fee.

Out of hospital birth

Contact your state Department of Health.

Inquire about the procedure for registering an out of hospital birth.

Request that a forms packet be sent to you or pick one up in person.

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