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Don't Get a Birth Certificate For Your Child

how do i get a birth certificate for my child

August 4, 2013

If you are seriously thinking about having a child, you should do some research on the history of birth certificates and certificates of live birth. You may not know this, but if you have a birth certificate, the federal reserves own you. Yes, you read that right. They own you, they own your kids, they own the fruits of your labor and everything that you own. If you know anything about the corporate government, you will soon realize what is entailed in a birth certificate.

Try to dig up your original birth certificate. You will notice that this isn’t the original. The one that is given to you at the hospital is just a copy. It says, “copy” right on there. The corporate government has your original birth certificate.

My birth certificate also says, “American Bank Note” with a serial number on the upper corner. Have you ever wondered what this means? This is in case the government goes bankrupt and doesn’t have anything to pay back the loans they had with other countries. Do you know what they used instead? You guessed it, they used us as a collateral. This is why “American Bank Note” is written on our birth certificates. Every American citizen who has a birth certificate is owned by the federal reserves. Don’t believe me? Type in the number which is your fund number as a mutual fund on the Fidelity website. You will find out who owns you and how much you are worth. You can also find

out how many investments they make with this stock. Scary, isn’t it?

Also, before the early 1960’s the name used to be written in lower case, except the first letter of the first, middle and last name. Now, they refuse to print a birth certificate unless it is in all upper case letters. Look at your checks, look at your credit cards, look at any other type of government issued item, including your driver’s license and your social security number. This is all a part of the corporation. You are part of the corporation. When the mom signs their name on the baby’s birth certificate where it says “informant” they are giving permission to the government to use the baby as an asset to them. How sad is this?

Please do more research to make yourself aware of the dangers of getting a birth certificate for your child. You may have concerns about getting your child into school, getting health insurance, traveling out of country, etc. There are other options. You can get a notarized document created by yourself with three other witnesses stating that this is indeed your child who was born a such a time. Before the government became a corporate state they did something called a “family bible record” which they used as an affidavit of truth. This is a legal document as it is sworn in on the bible. There isn’t a law that says you need a birth certificate or a social security number, so do not let anyone tell you otherwise.

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