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How to get a copy of my ged certificate

how to get a copy of my ged certificate

Lost GED certificate

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When I was 20 I joined the National Guard and participated in the GED Plus Program. I received my GED and it was sent to me. I moved and now I can't find my GED certificate or my transcripts. I have no clue how to get another copy and I would like to further my education. Please Help. Thank you!

    Leonard 12/30/08 at 03:48pm

Hi, Brittanie! If you tested for the GED after October 1, 1985 as active duty military personnel, you can request a copy of your transcript directly from the American Council on Education. The form is here:

The transcript costs $12.00 (money order or credit card) right now, but $14.00 as of 1/1/09. Instructions are at the top of the page.

If you tested between Sept. 1, 1974 and Oct. 1, 1985, you'll need to go through the state where you took the

test. You can find GED state administrators here (scroll down the page): or just post again, to let me know where you took the test.

If you tested before Sept. 1, 1974, contact:

Educational Testing Service

P.O. Box 6605

Princeton, NJ 08541-6605

Toll Free: (800) 257-9484

Hopefully this gets you what you need!


Hey Amanda,

There is no way to take the real GED test online and any website offering a GED test or diploma that you take online or via mail is a scam. The Official GED Test must be taken in person at a state governed testing center. I recommend finding an official testing center in your area so you can take the test in person and get your real GED. Here is a link to find a testing center near you: If you don't think you are quite ready for the test, we offer a preparation program that will get you ready.

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