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How to get a death certificate in california

how to get a death certificate in california

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Office of Vital Records

Obtain the "Application for Certified Copy of Death Record" from the California Department of Public Health website at Users can either fill it out electronically or print it.

Select whether you want a certified copy or a certified informational copy of the death certificate by placing an "X" in the appropriate box. The only difference between these two types of copies is that a certified copy may be used to establish the identity of the deceased, while a certified information copy may not.

Fill out the "Applicant Information" section of the form by providing personal information, as well as the reason for the request, along with the number of death certificate copies requested.

Fill out as much of the "Decedent Information" section of the form as

possible to decrease the likelihood that the Office of Vital Records can not locate the death record, which may result in you being issued a Certificate of No Public Record.

Bring the "Sworn Statement" page to a Notary Public who then must sign and notarize it.

Write a check or money order for the appropriate amount and make it payable to "Office of Vital Records."

Mail the application along with your check or money order and notarized sworn statement (if requesting a certified copy) to the California Office of Vital Records.

County Recorder's Office

Visit the California Department of Public Health's website

Click on the tab near the top of the page labeled "Certificates & Licenses."

Select the link titled "Birth, Death, Fetal Death, Still Birth, & Marriage Certificates" from the list.

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