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How to get a death certificate in florida

how to get a death certificate in florida

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At the hospital

In the hospital, once a time of death has been established, administrators will issue discharge paperwork. This releases the body into the custody of the family.

At the funeral home

Once at the mortuary, you have the opportunity to request that the funeral director order a death certificate from the state, using his official director number.

Determine your eligibility

In Florida, anyone can order a death certificate in a case were there is no cause of death. Once a cause has been identified, only a parent, spouse, child, grandchild, or adult sibling of the deceased can request a death certificate. Also, anyone with vested interest in the decedent's estate,

as proved by presentation of a will or other documentation, can order a death certificate.

After 50 years, anyone may access a death certificate.

How to Order

In order to obtain a death certificate in Florida, you must provide the full name, Social Security number, and sex of the deceased, along with the date and location of the death. You must also provide your name, mailing address, business phone number, relationship to the decedent, picture ID, a copy of the coroner's report, and notarized guardianship papers, if applicable.

Ordering, Processing, and Delivery

A death certificate in Florida takes about a week to be processed. One can be ordered from the health department's office of vital statistics at:

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