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How to get a fake birth certificate

how to get a fake birth certificate

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Add a father's name to a birth certificate. There are children born everyday out of wedlock ( non married parents), if the biological father agrees and is present at the birth he can sign the child's birth certificate and have his name added it it.

The children whose father is not present at the birth or there is a question if the father is truly the biological father have no father named on the birth certificate and the child usually the mother's last name.

You can not simply go to a town hall and asked to change the child's birth certificate and add the father. In order to add a father's name you need a court order and usually a Judgment of Paternity. In order to do this you need to locate your local probate and family court and file a complaint to establish paternity. Once you file your paperwork, get a court date, and serve the

other party you will go to Court. If a father wants the child to have his last name he will need to complete the paper work.

If the father agrees he is the father that is great. If not he has the right to a DNA test. Once it is proven he is the biological father their will be judgment of paternity and you can get a court order and or ask the court to add the father's name to the birth certificate, you may even request to change the child's last name to the father's last name. Once you have this court order you will need to bring to the town hall where the original birth certificate was filed and request that it be changed. Please note that changing a child's last name can always by challenged by either parent. simply adding a father's name to a child's birth certificate does not mean the child will automatically take the father's last name.

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