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How Do I Get My First Aid/CPR Certificate?

how to get a first aid certificate

A CPR and First Aid certificate is a document that proves that you have completed the necessary courses and have learned life-saving skills. It can be very useful when looking for employment. You will get a certificate if you complete required classes (see below).

What are First Aid and CPR?

First Aid is a basic health course that teaches you how to help people in an emergency situation. The first and easiest First Aid course will always teach a bit about CPR as well.

CPR stands for “cardiopulmonary resuscitation” and it is a mix of different ways to help someone breathe or help their heart beat.

There are two types of First Aid/CPR


  • Workplace classes : for people who have to know CPR to work at their job
  • Community classes : for people who are interested in knowing it for everyday life

Where do I find classes?

You can also ask your school or local community centre if they have any classes planned in the near future. This can save you some time and money.

A few things to know:

  • First Aid/CPR classes cost $30 to $150. Ask the course provider for details.
  • Classes may be 8-14 hours in total.
  • Once you get a certificate, it will only be valid for 3 years.

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