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How to get a kentucky birth certificate

Kentucky Replacement Birth Certificate

If you were born in Kentucky and have lost your birth certificate, obtaining a new one is not too difficult. If you would like to apply for a passport or any other legal documents, a copy of your birth certificate is a must have requirement. This article will guide you through on how to conveniently obtain a Kentucky replacement birth certificate .

All Kentucky birth certificates from as far back as year 1911 are available. They can all be found at the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics. If you need to trace a family or if you need to obtain some personal information, the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics can give you an answer by providing you a true copy of your personal birth certificate. Below is some vital information on how to obtain a replacement birth certificate in Kentucky.

Replacement Birth Certificate Process:

There are four common methods on how to request for a replacement birth certificate. You may choose to request in person, by mail, by phone or online. Ordering in person or by mail is the least expensive method. Delivery by mail will usually takes six to eight weeks. But the most convenient way and fastest way would be by phone or online. By phone or online requests are applicable to everyone who has a credit card that is powered by Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Take note, these methods may cost you some additional charges. So for phone orders, you may

call the local number (877)817-7362. And for online orders, you may follow the instructions and fill out the forms found at .


Replacement Birth Certificate - Kentucky Farmland

Vital Record Kentucky Application Forms:

To fill out an application form is one of the initial things you need to do. Forms are available at the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics. But if you opt to go for an online or by phone replacement request, you may download and print some forms online. Here are the steps on how to apply for a replacement:

  1. Write down your complete name at   birth, birth date, country of birth, father’s full name and mother’s maiden name. Make sure to fill them out with no errors.
  2. Completely provide your name and   preferred mailing address, where you want the Kentucky Office to send you the replacement birth certificate. In addition, provide an active phone number, so they may reach you if in case delays and problems arise. You need to indicate as well the number of copies that you want to order.
  3. As for the application fee, you must write a check payable to Kentucky State Treasurer. The application fee is $10 per copy. So if you ordered 2 copies, then you must send $20. But for still birth certificate, you  will be charge $6 per copy. You may mail the information and the check to:
Office of Vital Statistics

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